Atapi Cd Rom Problem

I have a Atapi 8 speed CD Rom drive which was on drive D.

When I try to access the drive get the dreaded red cross with the message"not ready"

Have loaded the drivers from the disk "CD Rom device driver"

Running Win 95, 16 meg ram.

Get flickering of cd rom light while booting up.

Do not currently have a cd rom drive displayed in control panel, systems.

Autoexec bat file

path C:\Paf



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Remove all lines in the Config.sys and autoexec.bat for the CD ROM.  Next do ADD/Remove Hardware and let it scan for it.  If not found then select CD ROMS and see if your drive is listed.

Also call the company BBS or look on there Web site for information on the drive.

Hope that helps.

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Before you do that go to into the windows diredtory and type the startdos.bat.   See if the mscdex.exe line references your  CD-Rom driver /D:CD001.  It should be here rathaer than in your autoexec.bat file.  If it remains in the autoexec.bat file the best that you can hope for is to run in a compatibility (16 mode).  NO GOOD

Do a dir on the CDROM directory and verify that the file CDDRV.SYS exists there.  If you have chaged the connection to the drive (example: primary slave to secondary master) you need to reinstall the cd rom.
hughwAuthor Commented:
Line was in dosstart.bat. The file exists in the cdrom directory.

How should the slaves and masters be set up.

Have bo cdrom controller in device manager, and obly pc ide in hard disk controller
hughwAuthor Commented:
Does anyone know the page for Atapi CD Rom.

Also when i reboot with boot disk to reinstall cd rom says cant find d drive at dos prompt.
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