I am from Slovenija in Easteren Europe and I can't use my Arche keyboard in Win 95 with the local caracters as I used it in Winnows for Workgroups. Any suggestions what to do. I also can't find the driver for Arche Keyboard. ??????
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International Character Creates
Invalid Server Folder Name
The information in this article applies to: Microsoft Windows 95
Using Netsetup.exe to create a server folder whose name contains
international characters creates an incorrect filename.
Netsetup.exe incorrectly translates international characters entered in the Server Path dialog box. For example, attempting to create a server folder with the name "elan" (where the "e" has an acute accent mark) results in an unusable directory named "_lan."


Do not use international characters when you create server folders with Netsetup.exe. After you exit Netsetup.exe you can change the server folder name to include the characters you want.

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Give me the *exact* spelling of the keyboard, make and model number.
I'll find those drivers.

If you want you can respond to me

Bud Allen
kusarAuthor Commented:
The exact model number of my Arche keyborad is KB-5182. I would gratefull for your help.
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kusarAuthor Commented:
The exact model number of my Arche keyborad is KB-5182. I would gratefull for your help.
  Go to: I'm there right now searching for your driver. I believe this is the place.

Also, the e-mail address was wrong. I may not be able to contact you without the right one. Your's showed here as
kusarAuthor Commented:
My righz e-mail adress is:

Thanks werz much for zour help. I'll go there right now.
kusarAuthor Commented:
My righz e-mail adress is:

Thanks werz much for zour help. I'll go there right now.
 Are you sure you need drivers. I contacted the "Arche Technologies" support asking how to get those drivers, here is their responce:
The Arche Technologies NZ Ltd. Story

Arche Technologies used to be a large subsidiary of the Kunnan group of Taiwan.  A number of years ago my employers in New Zealand purchased Arche Technologies NZ Ltd. from the Kunnan group.  We continued to sell the Arche notebooks and monitors for a short while but not their PC's.  Nine months after we purchased Arche NZ Ltd. the Arche Computer Division collapsed financially. Both the Taiwanese Banks and Government who had been supporting them stepped away from them. There used to be offices in USA, France and Germany, but I don't know what happened to them.

So we here at Arche Technologies NZ Ltd. we continue on as soul survivors of a lost empire.  We have moved on from the original Arche products and for the last three years have been assembling our own PC's and selling a variety of other notebooks and accessories.

We have some Arche support materials but NO SPARE PARTS OR UPGRADES.  Some of the models and products sold in other countries were never sold in New Zealand, we have NO DRIVERS / INF FILES FOR WINDOWS 95 TO SUIT THE ARCHE MONITORS. So I may not be able to answer all support questions, but I'll do my best.

Sorry Bud, never hand a keyboard that needed a driver before.

Neil Humphris
Arche Technologies NZ Ltd

From:       Bud Allen
Sent:       Wednesday, 2 April 1997 10:53
Subject:       Keyboard

  I'm looking for a driver for the ARCHE TECHNOLOGIES Keyboard KB-5182,
to be compatible
with Win95. I'd appreciate it.
The key part from them is "Sorry Bud, never had a keyboard that needed a driver before.

Where did you get this keyboard. If you give me some history on it we may still be able to find a driver. If you are sure you have to have one.
  In the mean time, right click on "My Computer", got to Device manager and double click on the keyboard. Give me any information shown there.

kusarAuthor Commented:

Thanks for helping me.

Here are the informations about my keyboard:
Language Slovene, English
General: Type of keyboard: Standard(101/102 Keys)

And now about the driver:

I need a driver for this keyboard which will support the excact caracter setting on my keyboard. For exsample: We in Slovenia have some special caracters like "Z" with small "v" on top. In Windows for WKG I had this caracter on the second row from the bottob right beside "SHIFT" key, which is good, but now in WIN 95 I have this caracter in the fifth row right beside delete button in the right corner which is bad.

That is the problem.

Hi kusar,
  First I'm going to ask you to read my original responce, and ask you what is missing from that answer. Second, I'm going to look even harder for your driver. Please read:

How about contacting me by
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