After installing Flight SimulaterWin95 ver 6.0..........the CODEC 4.1 has taken away my ability to double click on AVI files and play using the DIRECT X.  

I had DIRECT X installed and CODEC 3.2 for Multimedia.......then
installed Flight Sim 6.0 on CDROM.......it was installing all these
new DLL files and this new 4.1 CODEC.

Can anybody assist in helping me get back the double click and play
option for AVI's.

I can only play AVI now.........WITHIN applications.....such as Powerpoint OR right click and select PROPERTIES/PLAY.
When double clicking..........NOT REGISTERED FILE.

I have tried to reinstall and uninstall 4.1 CODEC and Direct X
multimedia......NO LUCK.

AVI files have the standard icon displayed........and are listed in
REGISTERED FILE TYPE.....play/run etc etc.  

Any help...???
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try re-associateing the file type with rundll32
1.Try to SHIFT-Right click on an AVI Icon and select the 'Open with' option from the context menu.
2. When the file list appears, select 'MPlayer.exe'
3. If the AVI plays correctly, repeat the proccess and select 'Save the association' before hitting 'OK'
mavvAuthor Commented:
It is already REGISTERED........read the question again.
I have DIRECTX installed.......and ICON for AVI showing already.
Lockup came from installation of Flight Sim software 6.0 JAMMING
the dll files......or additional CODEC 4.2 ?

Like I said in origianl question......this is DIFFICULT!
Not simple REGISTER file type problem.

If I were to REGISTER file type with MEDIA PLAYER........every
bootup would ask me to REGISTER FILE TYPE back to ACTIVE X
Multimedia player.  Active X allows for scalable window and VCR
type controls all on 1 player.........much nicer way of displaying
video......but it sure didnt like the Microsoft Flight Sim installation
AFTER the fact !!

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Reinstall ActiveMovie.

mavvAuthor Commented:

How about updating Direct X?  I have directx2, and I would be willing to send it to you, but I would have to zip it, and it is 8.34 MB uncompressed, I am not looking for a grade for sending it to you, but I am not going to bother to send it to you if you are not interested in pursuing that solution.  email or comment


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I tried to re your re, but got an out of office response.  No place to download from, check your mail options.  I am not sure if you sent a message and then took off on vacation, but get in touch with me.
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