Regmaid Installation.

I have downloaded the registry utility file regmaid.exe from Microsoft. Then run regmaid -d as per MS instructions. This decompresses the file & establishes folders.
I cannot see a setup file or .exe file to start the program, nor a text file to elaborate on installing. Any clues?
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Which are the files that is extracted?
(you know, its a little bit hard to know what do when you dont know any info about it!?!)
I know what he's talking about Gustav, and it is quite tricky if you don't read a write up on that program first before installing it.

Lyle, go to Microsoft's Knowledge Base, or Support site and search for RegMaid.  Read over the installation instructions that are listed.  I had done this as well also a while back, but long enough ago that I don't remember right off the top of my head what you need to do.  MS webpages will help you out though.
lyle012997Author Commented:
I have tried to get installation details for RegMaid from MS site without success. The only available document is Article ID: Q156078. Which is a summary of what RegMaid can do, no help at all about installation other then how you expand the downloaded compressed file regmaid.exe
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I'll see if I can find this info again.  I hadn't bookmarked the location since I didn't feel the need to return at the time (I hate it when that happens!)  But, I'll get back to you.
When you guys find an answer let me know.
I'll submit a question and give up some points for this one.

RegMaid.EXE is a self extracting zip file of a C++ program to create the utility including all files needed for the project.  Unless you have Visual C++ 4.x - you're out of luck!
However, REGCLEAN4.1 is available at and most shareware sites.


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You don't have a compiled version if you files match these:
afxcore.rtf       40007   5/22/96   8:02pm                        afxolesv.rtf       4683  12/20/95   3:25am                        afxprint.rtf      12945   5/22/96   7:25pm                        appexit.bmp        2262  12/20/95   3:25am                        bullet.bmp          142  12/20/95   3:25am                        clsid.cpp         12181   6/19/96   6:37pm                        clsid.h            2925   6/19/96   6:37pm                        clsidvw.cpp       15920   6/20/96   2:17pm                        clsidvw.h          3182   6/20/96  12:37pm                        clsvw.bmp           566   5/14/96   5:01pm                       curarw2.bmp         310  12/20/95   3:25am                        curarw4.bmp         566  12/20/95   3:25am                        curhelp.bmp         502  12/20/95   3:25am                        delentry.bmp        566   5/14/96   4:59pm                        editcopy.bmp        502  12/20/95   3:25am                        editcut.bmp         502  12/20/95   3:25am                       editpast.bmp        502  12/20/95   3:25am                        editundo.bmp        502  12/20/95   3:25am                        filenew.bmp         566   5/14/96   5:06pm                        fileopen.bmp        566  12/20/95   3:25am                        fileprnt.bmp        502  12/20/95   3:25am                        filesave.bmp        502  12/20/95   3:25am                        hlpabt.bmp          566   5/17/96   7:25pm                        hlpcnt.bmp          566   5/17/96   7:27pm                      hlpsbar.bmp        7158  12/20/95   3:25am                      hlptbar.bmp        5966   5/17/96   7:27pm                        ifcvw.bmp           566   5/14/96   5:06pm                        intrface.cpp       4811   6/19/96   6:39pm                    intrface.h         1982   6/19/96   6:39pm                        intrfcvw.cpp      12903   6/20/96   1:25pm                        intrfcvw.h         3173   6/20/96  12:53pm                       ipframe.cpp        3536   6/19/96   5:56pm                        ipframe.h          1328   6/19/96   5:56pm                       itoolbar.bmp        958   5/13/96   6:55pm                        legal.txt          1889   1/21/92   2:37pm                       listvwex.cpp      10604   2/09/96   1:08am                     listvwex.h         2230   2/09/96   1:09am                   maiddoc.cpp        5305   6/20/96   2:57pm                      maiddoc.h          2581   6/20/96   2:57pm                       maiddoc.ico        1078  12/20/95   3:25am                       mainfrm.cpp        2925   6/19/96   7:28pm                   mainfrm.h          1093   6/19/96   7:28pm                        makehelp.bat       1180  12/20/95   3:25am                        prgvw.bmp           566   5/14/96   5:03pm                        progid.cpp         5013   6/19/96   6:41pm                       progid.h           2111   6/19/96   6:41pm                    progidvw.cpp      12348   6/20/96   2:18pm                      progidvw.h         3130   6/20/96  12:54pm                   readme.txt         2435   6/21/96  11:22am                    recfirst.bmp        502  12/20/95   3:25am                    reclast.bmp         502  12/20/95   3:25am                      recnext.bmp         502  12/20/95   3:25am                   recprev.bmp         502  12/20/95   3:25am                    regmaid.aps      119532   6/19/96   5:26pm                      regmaid.clw        5120   6/19/96   5:54pm                      regmaid.cnt         240  12/20/95   3:25am                      regmaid.cpp       18215   6/20/96   4:02pm                     regmaid.h          3578   6/20/96   3:58pm                    regmaid.hlp       34013   5/22/96   8:02pm                     939   5/22/96   8:02pm                      regmaid.hpj        2404   5/14/96  11:45am                      regmaid.ico        1078   1/23/96   5:18pm                     regmaid.mak       22064   5/21/96   1:48pm                       regmaid.mdp       45056   6/20/96   6:18pm                  regmaid.ncb      320512   6/20/96   6:18pm                        regmaid.odl        1010   1/02/96   9:49am                       regmaid.rc        18254   5/14/96   5:08pm                       regmaid.rc2         399  12/20/95   3:25am                        regmaid.reg        1924  12/20/95   3:25am                    regobj.cpp         2190   6/19/96   7:23pm                     regobj.h           1283   6/19/96   3:49pm                    resource.h         1193   5/14/96  11:26am                    scmax.bmp           502  12/20/95   3:25am                     scmenu.bmp         2134  12/20/95   3:25am                      scmin.bmp           502  12/20/95   3:25am                     splash.cpp         3299   6/19/96   7:26pm                 splash.h           1343   6/19/96   7:26pm                     splsh16.bmp       82538   1/23/96   5:18pm                       srvritem.cpp       3239   6/19/96   7:24pm                      srvritem.h         1089   6/19/96   7:24pm                    stdafx.cpp          205  12/20/95   3:25am                     stdafx.h            698  12/21/95   7:04am                   tlbvw.bmp           566   5/14/96   5:04pm                    tlbvw.cpp         14513   6/20/96   2:22pm                     tlbvw.h            3149   6/20/96   2:01pm                    toolbar.bmp        1318   5/14/96   5:08pm                     typelib.cpp        6209   6/19/96   6:42pm                    typelib.h          2029   6/19/96   6:35pm

If these match, we have the same program. A friend is compiling this for me and I'll have the .exe to run it.
I'll be happy to send it to you if you want.                                                   

 Sorry about that ugly list of files; that's not the way it looked when I sent it. Anyway, I have the compiled version of REGMAID. It's great. I got rid of 10k of junk in my registry 1st try.
It has 3 files and you don't have to install it, just run it; they are:
It's lean and mean.
I believe this *IS* your answer.
I'll sent it to you if you want.
lyle012997Author Commented:
It led to a +ve resonse from smeebud & I'll take up his offer - thank you.
Sorry i've taken so long to answer, I've been awol for a few days.
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