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How do I get rid of the space between horizontally lined images?  Using the OnMouse/OffMouse sscript, there is a space between all image buttons, I have tried using a "filler" image, but to no avail.

Any help?
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rakyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simple ! Just use the keyword HSPACE & VSPACE

example :

<img src="dd.gif" HSPACE="0"><IMG SRC="EE.GIF" HSPACE="0">

You can do the same with VSPACE and put images vertically with <BR>

mgfranzAuthor Commented:
I suppose I should have informed you that this is only a problem
with Netscape >3.0, MSIE is fine.  IE works fine either with or without the HSPACE variable.

Oi ! Well that's another problem I guess... If you could send me a piece of code, to let me know more about it ! It will be great... is my e-mail.

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I think raky's answer is incorrect. I think my answer is the correct one and is unrelated to the HSPACE tag... just reject raky's answer and I'll post my answer instead.
I think he will never more come his question :-) His problem has been resolved, and by the way... He's incrediblement très con !
mgfranzAuthor Commented:
Interested in hearing from alona, all input regarding this matter is appreciated.
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