Heroes 2 crash and more ?

I have recently upgraded my motherboard to Intel i430HX
chipset (Global Impact's Crusader board) because my previous one turned out defective.  Before that, I used to
play Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and everything was fine.
What really bugs me is that lately I have been receiving an
error with the game.  It can happen after 2 hrs or even 6.
Once I tried to exit and it told me something was wrong with AppFullWindow and crashed.  Once I got a blue screen telling me of a Fatal Error in 0014:??? and once the computer informed me of a Registry Error.
This is new to me - what is Registry Error ?  I uninstalled
and reinstalled the game in vain.  Everything else works perfectly (to the best of my knowledge).  Can the problem be related to DirectX 3 ?  I have heard Microsoft has some suggestions for crashing with Direct X3 ? ...
My config:  P133, Creative SB16, 1.6GIG & 2.5GIG WD drives,
            Diamond Stealth 3D (certified DirectX 3)
I don't care about the game, what eludes me is the mystery of the crashes.  I must add that I got a "Registry Error"
once after exiting Diablo.  Can it be that this is regardless to my motherboard change ?  Maybe I was just "lucky" to get this error after replacing the board ?
Heroes2 has an option to play in a non Full Screen mode.
Can it be that they have a problem ?
I must add that at first I installed the Bus Master drivers
which came with my motherboard and then deinstalled them.
The frequency of the crashes in Heroes2 decreased, but it
didn't give a full solution.   Anything else on my system seems to be working fine.    Any ideas ?
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You mentioned your previous board to be defective - can you give more details, this may have a bearing
Do you run Win95 at a high resolution or color depth? I run at 1280 x 1024 x 24bit. When I start Diablo with these settings, I have problems when I exit the game. If I start Diablo while Win95 is set at 640 x 480 x 8bit, the game runs (and exits) just fine.
Hugo030797Author Commented:
When I had my first board I added a 2nd HDD (the 2.5GIG) and after a couple of months started getting "cannot write to drive X ... Data or Files may be lost" bluue screen intermittently.
The frequency of these messages increased.  I first thought the problem was my 1.6GIG hard drive (got this on two occasions on two of its partitions) but then I got it on the 2.5GIG and once even on my 5 1/4" floppy !   I came to the conclusion something was defective with the on board controller.  My suspicions were that my BIOS was dated March 1996, just when 2.5GIG drives began to ship and the 4096 cylinders limitations was concrete.
I decided to upgrade to an HX board (dated November 1996, Award version 4.51PG) and I keep my fingers crossed.  (I have the new board for almost a month now).
I use 800X600 configuration, 16bit color.  I must emphasize that
I have always used this configuration and what seems strange is
that every other application or game so far seems to be working fine.  One more strange thing - I noticed Win95 decided to assign my non-PNP SB16 with Low DMA 3, High DMA 5 lately -
when I change back the autoexec.bat setting to DMA 1, Win95 doesn't care and keeps it on DMA 3.  There's no conflict and under DOS 6.22 the computer assigns the card on DMA 1.
Don't think it is related because sound is OK and there's no
crash ... Can this situation exist logically ?

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What I would try first if I were you is :
- uninstall Heroes
- use REGCLEAN (available free from http://www.microsoft.com) to clear errors existing in your registry
- reinstall Heroes and see if things turn better
Hugo030797Author Commented:
Haven't tried that yet - What I hate about RegClean is that it
doesn't tell you of the changes it makes.  Anyway, I started
examining Device Manager and here's the deal:  I got two "MotherBoard Resources" in the System section in Device Manager.
One tells me it uses I/O 0208 - 020F and the other one gives me
a notice saying the memory locations of the device do not match any of its known configurations and tells me that if I want I can set the configuration manually.  Anyway, Win95 insists on having both devices and eventually assigns me with this configuration.  What's more, I have a Winmodem Sporster 28.8 PnP and after I got the computer it gave me an exclamation mark in Device Manager.  If I disabled COM2 in my CMOS then it would locate the Modem on it but would give me a crash.  If I enabled COM2 it would locate it on COM3 but would crash with IRQ3 and I had to set it manually to IRQ9 !
Today I made another test - I uninstalled my Creative Vibra 16 non-PnP (Legacy) card, then used Add New Hardware.  Win95 identified DMA 1,5 IRQ 5 but upon reboot tried to locate it on IRQ 10 and did not enable the Gameport device !
I had to copy back my system.dat and user.dat files !
It seems that the whole line of identification in Win95 has
gone mad !   Do you really have to re-install Win95 after you
replace your board ?  Is it Win95 or is it the board ?
I am considering to replace my board again - how is Octek ?
I will check RegClean.

Sorry Hugo

You probably have to take the big jump.

1. Uninstall your game
2. Go to Properties/Control Panel/System/Devices, and delete following entry:
MotherBoard Resources (devices) total - Screen card - Sound card (dont worry the PC will start again in default settings VGA etc.)
3. When PC tell you to reboot, dont do it.
4. Run Regclean (http://www.microsoft.com)
5. Reboot PC and let it find the removed devices itself. Maby you have to do handinstallation of soundcard, but you have doing this before, so it should not give you any problem.


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because my compute is disabled ...
So this is the deal - I replaced my motherboard again to an HX
Crusader and again re-installed Win95 completely after removing it entirely !!!  After installationm\, I got two Motherboard Resources again.  The computer again has problems sitting my Sporster Winmodem 28.8 - if I disable COM2, it would select COM2 and IRQ3, but it wouldn't open the port when accessing the modem icon in Control Panel - "couldn't open port".  If I enabled COM2, then I get a conflict after it tries to locate my modem on COM3/IRQ3.  Manually configuring it to IRQ9 solves the conflict, but I remember that with my older FX board I had no problems !
What's more, I upgraded my Legacy SB16 to AWE64 PnP - again, it
identified it correctly but one of the drivers indicated an exclamation mark.  Selecting its properties in Device Manager indicated that there is no conflict !   Only when I checked out automatic settings to Basic Configuration (didn't change nothing apart from this) was the so-called conflict resolved !
What's going on ?    I am replacing my board again so it seems to an Octek Rhino 9 hoping that this will resolve things.
Is Win95 that dumb or can it be that it just cannot handle auto detection in newer motherboards ?

Hugo030797Author Commented:
Just replaced my board to an Octek Rhino 9.  Things seem to be better.  Modem is correctly identified and AWE64 is OK and doesnot notify me of a crash until I check Basic configuration (which is weird because I know there is no conflict but I can live with that).  Anyway, I will install again the game as I uninstalled Win95 completely.  But now another thing eludes me - my second (slave) Western Digital 2.5 HDD has problems with the last partition suddenly.  It can't access it nor format the partition.  Its size is about 350MB and I suspect it is either the drive or the board.  What's weird is this is the last partition which informs me "trying to reallocate allocation unit" when I try to format it.  It refuses to use this partition.  I tried to jumper the drive to be single (no other drives on all IDE channels) but the problem persists.  The new board is dated January 1997 and it obviously supports LBA, so can it be that the hard drive suddenly is faulty ?
Please try to comment on this !

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