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Rowby Goren
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I have two mouse devices on my Windows95 Machine.  A circque glide point and a Wacom tablet.

The glide point is working fine.

However just today my Wacom tablet is acting strange.  Instead of behaving normally on my desktop when I use my Wacom pen it insists on creating squares (I think they are the kind of squares you can use to group icons on your desktop).  

The pen behaves in another odd way on my desktop.  If I move it across an icon it grabs it and insists on moving it around.  It won't let go and I have to turn off the tablet to get back to normal.

I tried reinstalled the Wacom tablet, using the latest drivers from the Wacom website.  But that didn't make a difference.

I'm not sure what is going on.  Could it be:

1.A sudden conflict between the two mouse devices (but why would this suddenly start acting up now?  Both worked fine yesterday).

2.  A corruption of some ini file?

3.  Some other device/onnflict.

4.  Something wrong with the Wacom pen itself.  I looked at the pen.  It looks normal.  The pen requires no battery and the tablet is model UD-0608-R

Thank you.

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I have seen this with third party software, and usually with notebooks.  The first thing I would check is to see if you have an option on that you only have to push the left mouse botton once to simulate a hold.  Notebooks have that feature.  This feature may be found in control pannel mouse, control pannel accessability options, or a third party software. (I don't remember which).

If this can not be done, uninstall the Mouse.  See if the tablet will work.  If it does, reinstall the mouse and see if this solves the problem.  Sometimes Windows 95 gets stuck with its registry settings and the best thing is to remove the hardware to reset the registry.

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