Delphi-Oracle speed up

We have developed a Delphi app which talks to a remote Oracle instance over frame. It works, but is too slow - 15 to 20 secs for screens to show up - instead of the 3-5 secs that we need. Can someone either help with speeding up the app via phone/mail or take over the job as a consultant - estimate 2-3 weeks work - needs to be done ASAP - very urgent.
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mheacockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is my friends reply to me:
Sure give this person my contact information, I would be glad
to talk to them about possible contract work.  Thanks for thinking of me.

My home phone is (604) 893-8655 or of course email at

Contact him directly.  His name is Christopher Hamersley.

Is this Delphi 1 or 2??

Someone I work with might be interested in the job...he has done
a few Delphi/Oracle apps.

Enclose your e-mail if you wish direct contact.
waliauAuthor Commented:
Delphi 2.

Yes, I'd like to hear from your friend.

Phone: 415.524.1805.

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Were you able to get any help?
I haven't talked to Christopher lately...he lives in Vancouver and I in Nanaimo...was he able to help?  I presume your problem was solved since you graded my answer?
To anyone who reads this PAQ.  Please do not contact the above e-mail address for help.  I am sure that any unsolicited e-mail will not meet with a postive reaction.  If you wish help, contact me via a low cost question...perhaps 5 pts and I will contact the address above to ensure that he is open to some more contracting.
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