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Win95 upgrade without Win3.1

tobbe021399 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I'v only got a win95 upgrade CD. I need to install win95 a second time because I had to format my hardisk. I made the mistake to use my win3.1 version disks to something else.
Is it possible to install Win95 with the win95 upgrade version without using the Win 3.1 version?
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   But you must have Ms-DOS, PS-DOS or OEM-DOS 3.1 or later.
go to:
and read the options.

Let me know how it works for you and if you have any problems.
I'll be happy to assist.


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Follow up:
You can use the Windows 95 Upgrade to upgrade Windows version 3.0 or later or Windows for Workgroups version 3.1 or later to Windows 95. You must be running MS-DOS, PC-DOS, or OEM-DOS version 3.1 or later to install the Windows 95 Upgrade. Because the Windows 95 Upgrade does not include a bootable floppy disk, you must be able to boot from the computer's hard disk to install the Windows 95 Upgrade.

Folow up #2.
If you want you can dowlnload "assist.exe" from
This part is especially usefull:
"Walk-through troubleshooting procedures dealing with Setup,"
The Windows 95 Support Assistant is a no-cost online Help file developed by Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) and Microsoft User Education.
Please feel free to copy this Help file and distribute it to others (subject to the conditions listed in the box above). The Windows 95 Support Assistant Help file (Assist.hlp) runs in Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95 and contains the following items:

Answers to the most frequently asked support questions about
Windows 95
Sections of the "Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit" describing how to use Windows 95 with Novell(R) NetWare(R) and other networks
Over 100 Microsoft Knowledge Base articles written by PSS engineers discussing procedures, tips and tricks, and specific product issues ranging from Setup to networking
Walk-through troubleshooting procedures dealing with Setup,
networking, and hardware issues
A glossary of commonly used Windows 95 terms
A reference guide to available products and services to help you
understand and take advantage of the special features in Windows 95

I thought you also needed disk 1 of win 3.x

  That's a new one one me. Tell me more, please. I don't want to mis-lead tobbe. Why would I need disk 1 for 3.x?

Thats easy. You just need to make a two-line script. Let me know if you want to learn how.

  Of course I want to learn. Please show me, and all of us.


It works for me and my friends all the time:
1. Make a text file in your HD-root directory containing:
2. Save it as 'batch.txt'
3. Run setup from W95 CD-rom:
   x:\setup c:\batch.txt    
That's all
I'm using a fuul auto installation script as stated in the W95 CD-ROM. My installation runs in 9 mins (against 25 when done manualy!)
The above works even on a clean HD when booting from the W95 start-up diskette with added CD-ROM Accesibility.

  It seems nedell was right.
Yes.  It is possible.
You need:
o  Disk #1 of your Win 3.x installation set.
o  Any DOS CD-ROM drivers.  (Installed and operative.)
o  Your Windows 95 CD-ROM.

If you're not using a CD-ROM then you can ignore the last two.
The key is to make sure the CD-ROM works.  After that, it's a breeze.
When you run setup, it will ask you for Disk #1.


By using the script i describe, you DO NOT need Disk#1 of your Win 3.x installation set.

hey tobbe,
  I had to go do this just to make sure it works, it does.
  Go to your CD-Rom Drive in the dos prompt, usually d: . type setup, go through the scandisk process..  until you hit
checking for an existing version of Win 3.1.  Win95 setup will not be able to find it so it will prompt you to direct it to the
right folder.  Put in Disk one of Win3.1 and select the a: drive.  That's it.  Go on w/ the rest of the setup. :)

Thanks nedell for reminding us. And thanks stratari for the input.


This is my last responce. I just need to clear one thing up.
We do need to install our CD-ROM 1st, Yes?
Then with your .bat file:
2. Save it as 'batch.txt'
3. Run setup from W95 CD-rom:
x:\setup c:\batch.txt
And that's it. Right?

Looks good to me.
Thanks stratari

No. You must modify the autoexec.bat and Config.sys of your boot diskette so they have MSCDEX and driver.sys for CD-ROM. The HD can be absolutely empty. Even the batch file can reside on the diskette.
Anyway, I look above and i'm seeing one answer, eleven comments and no response from the questioner. Maybe we must make this place the "860525971 Experts' Chat Room" !!!!

Are you still with us? Have we helped or confused you?
stratari is right. This isn't the place for chat amoung us so called "experts".
You do not need to have dos as I 1st said. The answer is; qouting stratari:
Step #1.
You must modify the autoexec.bat and Config.sys of your boot diskette so they have MSCDEX and driver.sys for CD-ROM. The HD can be absolutely empty. Even the batch file can reside on the diskette.
Alternative. You still need a disk so your system will regognize the CD-ROM.
1) Create a file in the root directory of your C drive and call it temp.tmp it must contain the following two lines only:

2)Save the file.

3)Install Win95 from the command prompt by typing:
D:\win95\setup c:\temp.tmp
That will do it tobbe.
Sorry for all the other commenting.


That's my final entry. If Tobbe is still alive I hope to see a comment from him. Anything!!!
0. You have a clean-formatted Hard drive and no Win3.1. Find another computer and do the following.
1. Open Control Panel
2. Double click on 'Add-Remove programs'
3. Click on third Tab named 'Make Boot Disk'
4. Insert a formated disk in drive A and click 'Create'. This will create a bootable system disk with DOS 7.0 (the native W95 DOS)
5. Open a DOS Window and use the 'copy' command to copy your CD-ROM driver (something like TOSHV212.SYS for Toshiba ATAPI) on your diskette
6. Open Notepad and load 'Autoexec.bat' from the diskette.
   Add the line:
   (assuming MSCDEX.EXE is in the root directory and D: is your CD-ROM drive)
7. Save Autoexec.bat in the diskette.
8. Load 'Config.sys' from the diskette.
9. Add the line:
   DEVICE=A:\Driver.SYS /D:MSCD000 /N:1
   (where 'driver.sys' is your CD-ROM driver. Check your CD-ROM's installation disk for that)
10. Save 'Config.sys' in the diskette.
11. To prevent W95 setup from asking Win3.1 disks select 'File/New' on Notepad and type:
12. Save as 'Batch.txt' on the diskette.
13. Perform a 'scandisk' on the diskette
14. On your computer, boot with this diskette on drive A:
15. Change to CD-ROM (D: <Enter>) to make sure that everything it's OK. If not, check again the bat and sys files yoy created.
16. Insert your Windows 95 Upgrade CD. Make sure you're seing D:\> or E:\>
17. Type
    Setup A:\Batch.txt (Press enter)
18. Follow the on screen instructions.

After several minutes you will have a brand new installation.

The End. Beam me up Scotty! @#? Very funny Scotty! Now beam my clothes too!


Simple, all you need to do is create a windows directory on you c: drive. In the directory you will create a file win386.exe using your edit command. on the first line of the file put your complete name, on the second line type your win 95 key code exactly as it appears on your box or cd. Save this file and thats it!, Windows 95 will reconize the previous version and install a copmplete install.


Thank you!
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