C-DLL function and huge pointer

After several tries I couldn't implement the following function found
in a C-DLL:

C- Code
// read a complete frame into buffer
      void _export VCVideoFrameRead(void huge *pBuf);

There seems to be problem when I translate it to the following Delphi
Pascal code:

Delphi- Code
// read a complete frame into buffer
      procedure VCVideoFrameRead(pBuf: Pointer); external 'VICAM32';

The data that is transferred from the Video Camera isn't placed in the
buffer that pBuf points to. Is there any solution or better way to
translate the 'huge *pBuf' c- code?

Video camera: compro internet camera
dll: Vicam32.DLL
Buffer: 640 X 480 X 24 bytes = 921600 bytes
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Try using the CDECL declaration:

   procedure Foo(x: Pointer); cdecl; external 'blah.dll';

If that doesn't work, then post the code you are using in
calling the DLL...where you actually pass the pointer and
how you set the pointer.

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Did any of this help??  Can I be of further assistance??
sirk033097Author Commented:
Did you receive my additional info
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No...I don't see it here as a comment...did you get my e-mail
address from another question and mail me??  I hope not,
because I get a lot of mail and don't read all of it.
sirk033097Author Commented:
Procedure was already declared as cdecl
------------Converted C-Header
{/// read a complete frame into buffer }

procedure VCVideoFrameRead(pBuf: Pointer); cdecl; far;

------------Program call
  aryVideoBuffer = array[1..921600] of Byte;

procedure TfrmMain.TimerTimer(Sender: TObject);
      MemoryStream: TMemoryStream;
       VideoBuffer: aryVideoBuffer;
                pBuffer: Pointer;
      MemoryStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
      pBuffer := @VideoBuffer;
      for iCounter := 0 to High(VideoBuffer)-1 do begin
            MemoryStream.Write(VideoBuffer[iCounter],       MemoryStream.SaveToFile('c:\temp\test.bmp');

Have you tried:

   pBuffer := @VideoBuffer[0];
You might also try:


You might have to cast VideoBuffer to a pointer...


You've probably guessed correctly that I debug by trial and
error...its after I've gotten something working in this manner
that I then try and figure out why it worked.  Please tell me
the results of these.

I don't really see why it won't work the way you've got it now...is this a third-party DLL??  You are using Delphi 1.0,
I'm guessing and that the DLL is 16-bit.  What else...ummm...
if it is your own DLL, have you tried explicity declaring it
CDECL or maybe Pascal??
sirk033097Author Commented:
Small problem: I only see the answer you proposed the first time. Is there anyway I can have an overview of the answers-responses.
sirk033097Author Commented:
After adding a comment I get an overview of the question history  it would sure be handier it the program would do it the first time I visit the page instead of adding comments to see what has been going on.

I'll try your proposals.

Fyi. 32 bit third party C-DLL with only header file supplied. No source. All the other (non pointer) functions/procedures work fine but when I use function/procedures that use pointers nothing works (only the Exception handler). I'm using a Delphi 2.0 program to access the DLL. But since the other functions work properly I think the problem can be isolated to the pointer 'stuff'.
If it is a 3rd party DLL, use the STDCALL convention, unless
they explicitly tell you to use CDECL.  The majority of 32-bit
DLLs use the STDCALL convention...Microsoft recommends it.
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