recording audio from line-in of SB16

Is it possible to record audio from the line-in port of SB16 and compatibles?  I can record from the mic using TWaveIn but can't do it using the line-in
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javiertbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the function waveInOpen I guess you'll have to change the parameter uDeviceID and instead of using the device identifier you'll have to use a handle of an open waveform-audio input device (the line-in in this case).

Anyway, you'll have to deal with wavein functions in order to retrieve information about line-in input device.
Aren't mic and line-in the same?  I only have one input plug on my soundblaster.
AartoAuthor Commented:
Not so in any soundcard i have..
I've got 2  soundcards.. (not in the same PC though)
A SB16 and a "Galaxy" SB-compatible..  both have line-in and mic input plugs. In control-panel, the only recording option for each sound card is from the mic-plug
AartoAuthor Commented:
The actual question is how to find the handle of
line-in  waveform-audio input device
Here you have how to get the LineId:

   Information: TMixerLine;
   With Informacion Do
       { Set record size}
       cbStruct := SizeOf(Informacion);
       { and number of the line we want to get information from}
       dwDestination := {Here it goes the number of the line :                            0,1,2...};
         { We get information about the line} }
       mixerGetLineInfo(0, @Information,                                                   Mixer_GetLineInfOf_Destination);
      { We get the number of channels, conections, controls and
        ,  LINEID accessing the following properties:
        They're all of dWord type
        ** dwLineID **      

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