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I get nervous when I want to use WinApi's. I don't know how to call them. What I want to do is translate 8.3 filenames to win95 long filenames and I know I can use GetFullPathName() for it. But how to call it in Delphi??
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MargAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
All(most) Windows API functions are all defined in delphi units, to find the delphi unit that includes the defention of the API call you want, select QuickInfo in the WinAPI help file and the header file name (i.e. *.h) is the name of the unit.

In your case "GetFullPathName" is declared in "winbase.h" which is "winbase.tpu".

Just add winbase to your uses clause and your problem is solved, call the function just like a regular delphi(pascal) function.

MargAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I know I can just call the function, The difficulty for me is that I don't know which types to use etc, going from Pchar to string etc.
Can you give an example how to use the function??

The first parameter is a pchar(array) containing the source string, the second is sizeof(dest), the third is another array(pchar) which is empty, the fourth is a pointer to a longint.

  src,dest: array[byte] of char;
  l: longint;

  strpcopy(param,src); {I think this is the syntax}

I think this would help.

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