Routing works to other intreface, but nowhere beyond it...

I have a router that was working just fine between 2 class C
networks (both with default netmask).  Now I've moved it so
one of the interfaces is on a class B network (with netmask
of  The class B network belongs to my ISP,
the class C is my own.  So here is the problem:

I can telnet to my router on its external interface just fine.  I can then telnet to the internal machine.  From the
internal machine, I can telnet to either of the router's
interfaces.  From the internal machine though I cannot telnet to any address beyond the router's external interface (including the router's default gateway, even though I *CAN* telnet to the router's default gateway from the router).

Here's the setup (the class B network number is different, but everything else is correct):

Router has interfaces setup as:



---[ netstat -r on this machine shows ]---
localhost       *      UH     3584 0          0 lo    *      U      1500 0          0 eth0     *        U      1500 0          0 eth1       -            !         - -          - -
default         rmi            UG     1500 0          0 eth0

The "internal" machine is setup as:

---[ netstat -r on this machine shows ]---     *        U      1500 0          0 eth0       *            U      3584 0          0 lo
default         UG     1500 0          0 eth0


I guess the real reason I'm confused is that if I'm able to contact the router's external interface from the internal machine -- shouldn't I be able to contact *any* other machine?
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you are obviously trying to route from one network to another.  what does netstat -r show on both machines?
if the router is a linux box was the kernel compiled with ip forwarding turned on?
michaelbentleyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
not nessessarily judging by your netmaks. It is setup only for your own class nework and what you might need is either a gateway setting or a different netmask.  try either one of the following:
   ifconfig eth0 netmask
   route add default gw your_IP_address netmask your_netmask


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