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How do you create the counter that a lot of people put on their sites to show how many 'hits' its had.  How to use 'graphiccy' styles would also be appreciated.
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alona041797Connect With a Mentor Commented:
To put a counter on your site, you can go to one of the many sites providing free counters. Some of the counters let you get statistics about the visitors to your page.

Here is a partial list:
  http://www.fxweb.holowww.com/tracker/ (Stats)
  http://www.digits.com/ (Many styles)
  http://www.stattrax.com/ (Demo, Stats)
  http://www.geocities.com/ (Free if your homepage is there)
If you want more, please comment.
DickbyAuthor Commented:
V. helpful. Thanks!
help my hit counter doesnt work i have frontpage website on my webserver and i dont know why it wont work i do have frontpage server extension installed
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