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I have found a permission problem when I edit my homepage using Netscape 3.01 Gold's HTML Editor. The problem is: I cannot edit it remotely. The Editor prompts me to save the file first and then edit. What I really want is to be able to edit the homepage and save it back to its original place. I don't want multiple copies on different machines.
The machines are linked though a LAN. Is there any configuration I should setup to make it work?

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alona041797Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just map the lan drive to a drive letter and access the drive through that letter
peterz041997Author Commented:
I don't mean to access the file from the File Server, I mean how to access the file from the Netscape HTML Editor itself and being able to save it to the network.
So, access the file as a local file.

If you shared the drive as W: access the file as:


and save it to drive W:
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