I can't reach the network

I'm new linux user. I use linux at my work and I would  like to connect my computer to the network with linux. It works perfectly under Win 95. I have added a line like append="ether ...." at my lilo.conf file. However, always appear something like networks is unreachable. In addition I have ran netconfig and filled all the information it asked me (nameserver, etc) perfectly (I know all the information).
I have slackware 2.2 Thanks aacosta@c-com.net
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It sounds like you need to make sure two things are right.
1. Your netmask. While you should really consult your network admin, the most common one would be something like or Also your gateway information may be incorrect. An interesting trick to try could be to add yourself as a default gateway:
eg: if your IP address is
          route add default gw
you can also optionally specify a netmask for this gateway such as:
          route add default gw netmask
You should check to make sure that your IP settings are correct by running ifconfig. That shows you all the network settings that you are currently using.
One more thing that you should try is plug in a transeiver and check if you have a link status and if you are sending data as well as receiving it.

seva batkin
ottawa, ontario, canada

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aacostaAuthor Commented:
Really thanks for your answer, but I think the problem is my  ethernet configuration, because I have already setup everything under Win 95 and works perfectly. I'm sure about the information I fill in NETCONFIG.

I know my IP is C class.
Do I have a way to know if my ethernet card is working properly?

Thanks again.
You said you've set it up in windows 95, if it doesn't give you any conflicts that means your card is working properly. however, i Linux to set it up would be a good idea  to read the linux networking HOW-TO which can be found at www.linux.org.  
I still suggest getting a transceiver and plugging that in to see if any data is being transmitted or received and if there is a link light.

Also, if it is brand name card, then maybe you should go the manufacturer's site and download the config/testing utility for this card.

aacostaAuthor Commented:
Again Thanks ruski, I have a 3com card, so I'm going to look for a tester.
Where can I find transceiver and plugging for linux?

This site is great I gonna suggest it to everyone.

the transceiver is a device that plugs into your AUI port on the 3Com card (the 15 pin plug). It has a set of lights on it which shows you the state of you signals: link, tx, rx, collision, etc.

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