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Trying to upload my personal web page to the Net, I need to confirm/correct my FTP Server Name, the Subfolder containing my web pages on my FTP Server, and the URL for my home root on my web server.  Where do I get that info, and what is the format each answer requires (i.e. is the FTP Server name pages.prodgy.com)?  Thank you.  ....Like your site, by the way.
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what server are you using?
cowboyswinAuthor Commented:
Well, that's part of the problem, I guess. I'm using Prodigy Internet as my IPS. If that doesn't answer what server I'm using, then I need to know how I determine that, too!  Thanks!
I don't know exectly because I don't have Prodigy, but I have to log on to AOL to put up a web site on AOL.  My sugguet is to send a email to support@prodigy.com or go to the help area on prodigy then you may find the answer online or find a email address to send to. Sorry about a not direct answer.  One of my friends have Prodigy I will try to ask them were to send email, but please try what a said first.
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cowboyswinAuthor Commented:

I've been asked to grade your response or ask for clarification, and while I appreciate your effort, I've done what you ask, which is what led me here. I'd like to wait to rate your reply to seeif your friend on Prodigy can help answer this...thanks. Also, it might help if you could tell me what the answers to my questions would be if I wee on AOL. I may be able to substitute Prodigy's info for AOL's if I know what info and what ormat they're looking for.  Thanks again!
The simplest way to answer your question is to contact Prodigy themselves.  If as you say you have already done that and have not received any help then I suggest that you change your ISP, as it is their responsibility to inform you how to use your account.

Your provider should have given you an ID and a password (could be one you chose yourself). When logging in on the FTP-site use these to identify yourself and you'll be in the right directory.
The FTP-adress will probably be something like FTP.PRODIGY.COM or something like that.
Good luck.
cowboyswinAuthor Commented:
You would-be experts are all guessing at answers! Don't any of you "experts" know how to research anything? Pick up the phone, or look something up.....this "Gee, this is what works for me" stuff is complete malarky, hardly a source of expertise. An authority knows what he or she doesn't know, and goes to someone who KNOWS (vs. someone else who's guessing -- I can do that). The organizers of this web site, and it's alleged experts, seem to me more interested in rating and scoring points with off-the-top-of-the-head "expertise" than with really helping. This is a good idea gone awry.
Hello coyboyswin,

  Each of the above have REALLY givin you the answer.  Only
your ISP knows your "http://directory" address so that others can't access it.  Changes are in your root directory you also have a choice of directory with the extension "htm" and that is
where you would place your webpage, IF you have the http to
YOUR directory, again, which you can only get from your server.
No one hear could possibly know that.  This Exchange is for
questions for AFTER you know the basics supplied by your ISP.

  Hope this clears things up...

I have to agree with the previous comment and some of the previous answers.

The fact is that Prodigy ( and all of the other ISPs who mainly deal with domestic customers ) own many web and ftp servers. They run many account types that all have slightly diferent procedures and pathnames.

Everybody here has given you a reasonable answer so far. However I can add a few little tips that will help you to discover the information for yourself.

First of all, make sure that you have put your data in the correct directory - only prodigy can tell you this because it will vary from person to person. You cant rely on other experts to tell you what this is because prodigy will only release information about your account to you.

To make things more complicated, the directory that you store things in may not corespond easily to the URL path; this is because for security and simplicity your ISP will use directory aliasing.

Anyway, next you have to make sure a few things are right about your files, if you are uploading to a unix style webserver then you have to make sure that your security is ok.

It's possible to upload files and have them unreadable by the webserver. Again, you have to check with prodigy for the precice details because service varies from country to country! You may have to farmiliarise yourself with a bit of UNIX to make it work right!  

I doubt that you will get any more detailed responses, because very few expers use services like Prodigy. Only prodigy tech support will be able to tell you the details about your account, so ,to conclude, let me rephrase your origional question in computerspeak so that the tech support people will understand your question:

1. Ask what directory on the ftp server you should put your index.html file in. This file is normaly the default page that a browser jumps to.

2. Given that a file has been placed in that directory, ask the tech support people what the URL of your home page.

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