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TRichEdit and rtf files

I got a trouble with the TRIchEdit component... I import an rtf file into it but it doesn't recognise some codes like the page break (/page) and some others which Word interprets correctly instead... I want to be able to print the contents of the memo (with or without the Print method) with page breaks, and possibly define the margins... They hadn't any answer for me at Borland, so I'll grade this question with a high score...
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Nando, the Delphi richedit component is severely lacking, in addition to the problems you mentioned, it doesnt have subscripts,full justification, ....the list goes on, in fact it
although it recognises rtf format (i.e. if you paste across from Word for example), it doesnt use that format internally.

The Solution:      Use a decent RichEdit component that someone has taken the trouble to write that does have all these lovely features, and uses a proper rtf internal format.

The one i use is WPTools by Julian Zierch, which i have found to be excellent, and i recommend highly, although there are quite a few alternatives out there. (If you use it can you tell him i recommended it! as Paul Heap)

I have found contacting Borland to be a waste of time, they dont seem to have much of a clue about their richedit component (or much else for that matter).  If you send me your e-mail address, I'll mail you the WPTools now for immediate evalution, and if you need help on how to use it, feel free to mail me at Heapster@Dial.Pipex.com, as i know it pretty well by now.

Some Useful Addresses.

WPTools: (native delphi)

InfoPower: (native delphi)

EMail: 76207.2541@compuserve.com


TechnoSoft, Inc.
EMail: cwhite@techosoft-inc.com

Orpheus: (native delphi)

Internet: www.tpower.com

TE Development kit ('supports' delphi)

EMail: subsys@shore.net

MemoWriter Pro: (native delphi)

Universal Development Corporation
Internet: http://www.ice.net/~udc

Theres also one called highedit pro, which comes as an ocx, but you'll have to search the web for it, but im sure at least one of the above can solve your problem.
NandoAuthor Commented:
Better than nothing... I'll see if I can buy a word-processor component just to have a richedit that interprets page breaks...

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