RX packet error when surfing the net!!!

I have setup my Linux system with the dial up networking. I have one question. The problem comes up when I am surfing the net. I am using netscape as my web browser. (I have tried different version of netscape (3.01, 4.0b2, 4.0b3, and mosaic 2.6, but same problem comes up.)  When I go to some web site, say http://sysdoc.pair.com or http://home.netscape.com, netscape (I should say the web browser) stucks. What I mean is that on the status bar, it said 2K (#K) stalled and it would stop doing nothing. I have
check my modem RD light if off. Sometime it takes 5 minutes for that page to come up.

I phone to netscape, they said Netscape for Linux is not supported. They suggested that it may be the TCP/IP stack problem. But if it is the stack problem, then I could not understand that I can listen to the online radio (real audio) smoothly. And I could use ftp no problem.

Then I think it may be my dialer problem (dip), then I switch and use (pppd-2.2 and chat).  Same problem occur.

I open another xterm windows and type in ifconfig, before I load the web site, error and dropped packet is 0.  While I load the web site, the number of RX packets increase, on the other hand, error and dropped packet increase, too.  Now, it seems it is a stack problem to me as the netscape guy said.  But why is this stack problem only happen when I was surfing the net, not ftp or the realaudio.  (By the way, I am sure I set my IP address to before I make the ppp connection.  Also, everything work fine in Windows 95)

My computer:P133, 32MB RAM, Supra 33.6K Modem, Slackware Linux 96, Linux kernel 2.0.30 (same problem with kernel 2.0.0). RealAudio 3.0 ELF.

If you need more information about my computer setup, please let me know and I am really happy to attach those files you required.

Please e-mail me if you have any suggestion or if you have a different observation other than mine.  Thanks in advance.

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Your problem isn't with your computer.  It's with the
internet on the other side of your modem.

I think you may be running into the internet bandwidth
problem (there isn't enough).  Sometimes a connection
can take a long time to complete because the remaining
bandwidth between you and your target site is low.  This
is normally due to a single "bottleneck".  A bottleneck
is one computer that is particularly close to its max
capacity.  If it's your ISP's computer or the site you're
trying to read, you are SOL.  But there are normally many
sites between you and your target.  One thing that can help
is if you notice a site is taking a long time to finish a
file (X% - Stalled), hit the "Stop" button, and then the
"Reload" button.  The best route can change on a
millisecond by millisecond basis, and if the bottleneck
is somewhere in the middle, your second or third attempt
at connection may be much faster.
      Remember the "may be much faster" disclaimer.  If Tom
just released some great new info on the K6 (pair.sysdoc.com)
then its likely that the computer with his web pages is the
bottleneck and there isn't much you can do to speed things
up.  If you normally have trouble receiving files from all
sorts of files, your ISP may be to blame, and you may want
to ask them about upgrading their connection.


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