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Windows 95 startup error message

bobford asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
When my computer first loads Windows 95 on startup, I get a message box saying "Unable to register the control panel".   If I click on "OK", which is the only option, the message box closes and Windows 95 appears to run properly.   Why do I get this message and how can I avoid iit?
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Does your control panel come up ok and you can use the applets?

I'd try booting into safe mode and then reboot again,
see if it does it in safe mode.

That is a strange error.... but related to the registry in Win95

It's a common problem with several fixes:
Start here and I should have a solid answer tomorrow or the next day. It's usually video driver related:
Could it be to a new video driver you just installed?
If you think this caused it, uninstall the video software, reinstall it through Display\Setting tab\Change display driver, when it asks you for from where you want the driver, browse it down to the .inf of the video driver.
Always backup system files, ERS will get you back where you were.
Download this small troubleshooting guide, just double click it
Download ERS and backup your system files here
Then, open your registry, Start\run and type regedit, there
open Download this registry small tip on what could be in Run key and others.
If non found, disable antivirus programs.
Hope to hear from you, interesting error.

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This is a progress report
I have tried renaming the *.cpl files but the problem persists!
Ihave tried re-installing my Matrox Millenium drivers but the problem still persists!
I have tried recovering all the system files that I had backed up with ERU but the problem persists!
I have re-installed Windows 95 and Windows Plus! but the problem still persists!
I hope that you can think of something else - if you need further information please mail me.
Bob Ford

send me your e-mail address.
I'm going to forward your progress report to the man with the answers, so hang on.
In the meantime, did you follow the steps I 1st mentioned in the trouble shooting guide,"trblshtg.zip"?
Backup all and follow this short version of the trouble shooting guide. STEP 13 WILL PROBABLY BE YOU BEST BET, BUT FOLLOW THE STEPS.
These are Basic Win95 trouble shooting guide, the steps are merely a guide for common computer problems and how you can detect the problem and fix it, some might not apply to your situation.
1)Run Scandisk(standard), run defrag(see Defrag tip).
2)Now don't say I have Antivirus and I don't have a virus
It will give you one thing out to worry about being the problem.
Run antivirus from DOS not from windows, that's what I always do,
Thunderbyte, Norton, F-Prot, Mcafee, Dr Solomon
In Shareware.com
Search for ANTIVIRUS  in the search engine, download the Norton antivirus 09nav96.exe
And search for fp-224c.zip in the search for F-Prot antivirus.
Thunderbyte and Norton are downloadable from my site.
To run antivirus from DOS, download the .zip file and expand it with Winzip or any unzipping software then extract the self extracting file in a temp folder, copy extracted files to a NEW floppy(out of the box), write protect the floppy by sliding the tab upwards, exit from windows to MSDOS or start computer
in DOS, type A: then type
Scan c:/ all if you are using Symantec(Norton)
Type F-prot to run F-Prot.
Type tbav to run  thunderbyte.
If virus is found, check all your floppies for viruses, check other computers that you exchange data or programs with.

Note: Window antivirus might not be able to kill the virus.
The best detecting antivirus is Thunderbyte but as a shareware will not kill viruses, Symantec not as good in detecting but the shareware version does kill viruses. Windows antivirus merely is good to check files for viruses before copying or installing to your machine.
3)Go to Control Panel\System icon\Device manager tab, see if any marked red or yellow, remove the marked ones and restart computer, let Win95 re-detect the hardware.

4)Try remember when those errors started, if you think its something you did or installed.

5)Be sure you have over 100mb free hardisk space, if free space is small defrag daily, normally I leave about 350mb free hardisk space, recommend 250mb and up, the more hard disk space the better it runs.

6)Check your C:\Windows\Temp be sure its empty, so is the recycle Ben specially before you do defrag.

7)Be sure you haven't selected mouse maximum travel speed, in Control panel\Mouse.

8)Uninstall your video driver and restart computer and reinstall it, try lower resolution or different driver if applicable.

9) Don't use any 16bit(win3x) hardware software such as mouse, soundcard, etc, I don’t even run any 16 bit software all together in Win95, using 16bit software degrades Win95 considerably.

10)For testing purposes, rename your autoexec.bat and config.sys.

11)Remove all from the startup folder c:\windows\start menu\programs\startup, also remove all after Load= and Run= from the Win.ini. Start computer & click ctrl+alt+del and see what’s running other than the Explorer, end task all except the explorer and see if the problem still there.
Also in the registry, remove all except Systray if present.

12)Go To Control Panel\System Icon\Performance tab, be sure it says "Your System is configured for optimal performance" also says "File System and Virtual memory are 32bit", if you don't that means you missed item2 and item10 in this text.

13)If non helped, reinstall win95 from the command prompt using
setup /p f command, that will clean your system files and replace missing and damaged files.

14) Windows 95 Service pack could create errors,
avoid installing it, but you can install parts of it, such as OLEUPD.EXE,  Kernel32upd.exe,  Exchange update.
Also Power toys maybe convenient but its not healthy for Win95 to have it.

15)Remove screen savers, Wallpaper, Sound themes entering and exiting Win95.

16)Open start\programs\MS_DOS Prompt and type mem /c/p, if you have over 575 kb of Conventional memory then you are OK, best to be over 600kb.

17)Go to Control Panel\ System Icon, in the first tab be sure your RAM is recognized.



I will try all the things you suggest and come back to you - this may take a little time as I have other things to do (!) and the problem is just an irritant and does not stop me from using my computer.

Talk to you again soon.   In the meantime I have increased the number of points to 200 as this is obviously a more intractable problem than I thought!

My e-mail address is bobford@compton.u-net.com

I will try all the things you suggest and come back to you - this may take a little time as I have other things to do (!) and the problem is just an irritant and does not stop me from using my computer.

Talk to you again soon.   In the meantime I have increased the number of points to 200 as this is obviously a more intractable problem than I thought!

My e-mail address is bobford@compton.u-net.com


At http://www.matrox.com/mgaweb/drivers/ftp_mill.htm
the new millennium driver can be downloaded. "1677_341,exe"
version 3.41.


Here's another method that had recent success.
There's probably an app being loaded from your registry that is
generating this message, then. When it appears, the "OK", instead of going by it, type ctrl+alt+del
and see if any unusual programs are running.

Hi, Smeebud

I downloaded the version 3.41 Millenium Driver as you suggested, installed it and the problem is solved.   I remember now that I had to re-install Flight Simulator for Windows 95 about 2 weeks ago and reloaded my old Millenium Drivers in order to get rid of the DirectX drivers than got installed with FS6.

Thanks for all your time and help - I will certainly come back to Experts Excahnge next time I have a problem.

Bob Ford
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