95 reinstalled - still hangs??

Please withdraw this question.  Had to give up on solving this problem and the disk files are no longer available to me for testing.  One of those wonderful win95 "anomalies", I guess.
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Is the hard drive a SCSI?
garrisonAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Jan FourieCommented:
What bios (PnPray??) type do you have,and does it have onboard controllers?
Then we can look at the settings - i think this is a win95 \ bios problem.
I trust a "new" install means a complete delete of ALL win95 files,or else it aint gonna help ( keep favourites,command and history folders - but delete all others,especially if you have a "profile" folder....)


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garrisonAuthor Commented:
Motherboard ia acer ap53-3 with 3.90, (latest), bios and 430hx chipset.  I transported a copied disk to another system but the separate system was same motherboard/cpu combo so I suppose this does not preclude the possibility of a bios conflict although the system did run fine for 6 months.

I've seen postings on anomalies with certain software and OSR2.  I'm inclined to believe that a fatal registry problem has been caused by user software and reinstall will not fix the problem.

I downloaded Registry Clean 4.1 from MS, no fix.
When doing a win95 reinstall, rename old dir to something else and keep it so u can copy over files/look at later...
If you download boat loads of files off the net then you are sure to need various .DLLs,

You can rename all 4 refiles in old dir to help also..

they are hidden I think, but called USER.DAT/DA0
and SYSTEM.DAT/DA0       da0 being the backup.

I'd try FDISK /MBR  to wipe out your boot record on the hard drive...   When you reinstall Win95 it makes it again...
And no choices to boot win95 will appear once u clean the
MBR (master boot record) so boot of a dos boot floppy with
CD ROM drivers to reinstall.

I have to reinstall old 95 too, after a failed attempt to install OSR2 over Win95 with a supposed fix to do it... 8(
If this solves it plz let me know for points sake... ;)

guardian angelCommented:
Have you "REMed" out any possible culprits in autoexec.bat or config.sys?
Jan FourieCommented:
what bios and what version do the 2 PC`s have that you have tried?
The one PC works,so i can only guess 3 things:
1)different bios version
2)different bios settings
3)faulty m\board\controller chipset

If the other PC worked fine,then there is only your M\board AND cards\peripherals...and the bios\m\board seems most likely as you seem to know how to eliminate the cards and peripherals?!
garrisonAuthor Commented:
Sorry to flunk this answer but a closer reading of my question will find that I said there are "identical results" when the disk is replicated and transported to an entirely different hardware environment - not one piece of hardware the same, only constant being the contents of the disk.

Is this computer connected to a network and if it is not does or did it have any client software installed.
Before doing a "reinstall" use a disk manager like the one from ontrack to wipe the disk and do an fdisk.  It may well be that a previous owner  -- yes you may well have a disk that  had been setup or had been attempted to be set up before you received it.

This solution has provided me with at least two correct answered questions here on the expert-exchange when people thought that they had a new hard drive because they had dbought a new system.  As a dealer and owner of a service center -- we check and verify each hard drive when we receive it (I also have an utility that will alllow me to view previous partitions settings).  About 10% of the supposedly new drives have been partitioned before, indicating that either at the factory or another customer had attempted to set the drive up and failed -- these we return immediately.

If you wish additional help , email me at bill_ogle@reborn.com
garrisonAuthor Commented:
Not connected to a network but dial up adaptor, client for msn, and tcp/ip are installed for isp access.

I don't thing billogle's answer is on point because I have indicated in the text of my question that I have done a new install of win95 to a different directory and that will work fine.  What won't work is to reinstall win95 to the SAME directory.  In this case, legacy issues like software registry entries maybe, prevent the system from entering win95 other than through safe mode.  The fact that a separate win95 directory will work would seem to preclude disk setup or mbr problems as an answer.
When all else fails, reinstall win95 from the command prompt using (setup /p f ) command, that will clean your system files and replace missing and damaged files.
ALSO,go to: http://polaris.cincomj.co.jp/~pw/jkeyb.htm#jpk_rein
then Painless Windows95 re-installation. From there download
"batch20.exe". Read it first to make sure you are comfotable with it.
When windows95 run for the first time, they create a registry backup called 'system.1st'. Try to copy this file over the 'system.dat'
Try moving the files drvdata.bin and drvidx.bin out of the \windows\inf directory. All info about your system's specific hardware is in these files. If your system will boot, Windows will detect new hardware and reinstall the drivers or ask for it.


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the most eazy way is to fdisk/mbr then format the the HD. After
that you can install the windows95 with no problems.but you have
to reinstall all the other software again,lots of trouble but
I'm sure it will work.
garrisonAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
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