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Recently I began having lots of OE messages, Rnapp errors, Explorer errors, etc...These seem to mostly happen when I am running Netscape or IE...I also have AOL on my machine and it seems to do much better....I completely erased my hard drive and reinstalled Win95 but the situation is still the same....I am lucky to get 5 minutes of usage before some error freezes me....I use to be able to compute for hours with no problem...I have a pentium 120 16 megs ram....any ideas?

Tark asks for my network settings? Sorry, but I don't understand the question?
Could you please be more specific and I will provide the necessary information. Thanks!!!
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What do your network settings look like? (eg. What's mapped to what?)
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stratoAuthor Commented:
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Might be a virus, Check on the site to get the latest virus scanner.

I use the IBM antivirus software as it will find an dclean virus that the other major players miss.

Turn off all the programs on your task bar except the clock and then go into programs, accessories, system tools, scandisk and set the scandisk options for thorough and fix all errors and run scandisk.

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