Decent hook up speed ?.?k sec

A few of my friends have internet connection and It seems that thiers is faster. I've go a Global Platinum Teleport 28.8 with the lates firmware Hooked up to a PPC 8500.
In Netscape when down loading pages or software a good top speed for me is 1.4K per Second. I think there must be bettert than.
I understand that there are time when the Net is slow but when it's not suppose to be slow I think I could get better than 1.4per seconds
What do you think
I think that my provider is not thta good.
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albert050597Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Basically, the speed of connection depends on the following:

1. The capacity of your provider's modem bank (check the baud rate that you are actually getting in on when you log on.) If this is a limitation then everything slows down. It doesn't matter how fast your modem or system is if you can only connect at say 19200 rather than 288000.

2. The quality of the line between you and the provider. Usually that is not a problem if you live in a city, but in the country where I am, I can't get better than 19200 and guarantee to stay online.

3. The speed of the site, which you mentioned, and the number of people trying to access the site and download stuff.

So I think you have zeroed in on the most important thing - how good the hookup to your provider is.  Phone them and check it out and see what they say, and if you aren't satisfied, then start looking around for someone who will guarantee you better access.  Of course, one way round slow site speeds is to try to get on in non-peak times, but that is pretty hard to judge when sites are all over the world.

Anyway, that's the answer!


Albert: you rejected my answer, which is within your right - would you kindly do me the courtesy to tell us all why? What were you expecting?

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albert050597Author Commented:
I did reject it, because you did NOT answer it. If you look closely at the questions I am asking what a decent hook-up is is ways of speed. The connection always says somehting like  115.000.

To get back to the point: On a good connection HOW MANY k per second would be good. would 3.4K per second be realistic? I can only get 1.4K or so and I do not know if that is good from a decent hook up.
On a GREAT MODEM connection, I've seen 3-4k/second tops.  But I have an ETHERNET connection which has a bandwidth of 250k/second but for many web sites I only get 1-2k/seconds.

Here's a good test: Call up your friend modem-to-modem and download a large file using ZModem. You should get about 3k/second (28.8bps) if you have a clear phone line.

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albert050597Author Commented:
To make sure I understand this. You are saying that 1.4 is not bad since on many pages you visit you are getting 1.0 to 2.0K, but with a 28.8 speed modem I should be able to get 3.0K to 4.0K
if all is well like when downloading shareware from MacUser when they are not busy like at 3AM, Would you afree with that?


albert: you WOULD understand it if you had taken in  what I said in MY answer. Might I suggest that you take the time to frame your questions more clearly in the future.

Rifty (who's not paying another 5 points to read your reply!)

I would agree with that. But I also think you should contact your provider to see if he has any advice on peculiar settings you can enable on your modem to ensure it goes as fast as possible. While 1.4k is okay for busy sites, 3k really makes a difference on the fast sites.
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