Lockup while booting

I have Win 95 with Service Pack 1 installed. It's been working fine for quite a while. Recently it has begun locking up during boot: it shows the wallpaper and the cursor freezes. I'm inclined to reload Win 95. Any suggestions? Do I need to de-install Service Pack 1 first?
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no you install the service pack after installing win 95
Yes, to the question. Uninstall service pack per it's instructions. Then reinstall.
If you want to re install without losing everything.
Reinstall win95 from the command prompt using setup /p f    command, that will clean your system files and replace missing and damaged files.
lealAuthor Commented:
billogle's answer missed the question.

smeebud's comment was better, but the "If" part isn't a sentence and I'm not sure how to take it.
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What he's refering to is that any programs you have, have loaded .dll and other files into win95, by using the syntax shown, you can save these added files, and just update the win95 files..
Well the Bootlog.txt in the c:\ - root is a good start for error searching. It is a hidden file. Then all the log-files in there is good to read. Boring, but good. Then a fresh newly formated c-drive and reinstalling is allways fun ;-).

Good luck....
It sounds like everyone is in a favor of re-installing the software.  You should first try to diagnose the problem before you take the "re-install route".  Boot the Win95 PC in safe mode (push F8, when you see the PC say "Starting Windows 95...").

If the PC boots in safe mode, you may have a corrupted file(s).  If the PC doesn't even boot in safe mode, you may have a H/W problem (like a IRQ conflict).  Try safe mode and tell me what happens.
lealAuthor Commented:
My problem has evolved. I de-installed Service Pack 1. I tried to reload Win 95. At the point where it is ready to copy files (step 2, I think), suwin blows up and I have to reboot the machine.

Now the boot process goes just fine (no lock-ups). But I can't get Win 95 reinstalled.

Here's a crazy one,
  A suwin.exe error can occur if you have way too many True Type Fonts installed. Who whould a thought that. From MSKB.
There are othere "Suwin error's.
What exactly does the error say?
Or better yet, you knowing you system better than anyone. Go to
http://www.microsoft.com/kb/ and at step 2 choose win95. at step 5 type suwin.
lealAuthor Commented:
I don't have that many fonts installed. Anyway, it's working now ... really strange. The only thing I did differently was tell it not to install Internet Mail.

So I reloaded ok and now it boots fine. Thanks to everyone for their help. I hope y'all got due credit for all these comments.
The question has to be graded by you, so what the heck, I'll take what you offer. BTW, did the suwin.exe info do any good?


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lealAuthor Commented:
The suwin.exe info didn't actually help, but you made an honest attempt and provided an answer to what could well have been the problem. Choosing not to re-install Internet Mail  made the difference for me. Who knows? That's Microsoft ...

-- Bill
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