DriveSpace video error

I am getting somewhat desparate in trying to compress my
harddisk on a Toshiba Satellite 200 CDS running a standard
US Win95 installation and MS Plus.

Whenever Drivespace is trying to reboot the system in its
'special mode' to complete some operation I get an error

An error occured while trying to initialize the VGA video adapter

Shortly after the Windows/Plus splash screen has popped up. After hitting a key to proceed DriveSpace comes up with a message saying that it can't proceed and after another 3 minutes or so of disk activity the machine is shut down and subsequently boots into safe mode which does at least let me tell DriveSpace to stop its operation.

I first got this problem when trying to compress my whole disk (C:). I could however *add* a compressed drive and did so using 10 MB of space on C: just to give it a try. However, now I can neither  change the size of this compressed drive (to make it more useful) nor just trash it (Windows won't let me delete or unmount it and to 'uncompress' DriveSpace goes through that same procedure causing failure after the reboot.

I have trieed various video modes and also installed Chips&Technologies latest video driver without any results - it always looks exactly the same.
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May be you should try "standard vga" with no drivers at all? Is is almost safe as "safe mode' but you can complete your compression tasks.
Oh yea.
These articles are not that big.
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This May pertain to your problem:
Remove the Program Files\Plus! folder that was created by Setup, and then reinstall Microsoft Plus from a CD-ROM, a 3.5-inch DMF disk set, or a 3.5- inch standard (non-DMF) disk set that does not have this problem. To obtain a replacement non-DMF disk set that does not have this problem, please contact Microsoft Product Support.
If you are using DriveSpace and you cannot reinstall Microsoft Plus! from a CD-ROM, a 3.5-inch DMF disk set, or a 3.5-inch standard (non-DMF) disk set that does not have this problem right away, restore the Windows 95 DriveSpace files that were replaced by Microsoft Plus! Setup before you use Windows 95. To do so, start your computer at a command prompt, change to the drive containing Windows 95, and type the following commands. Press
ENTER after each command.
NOTE: These commands assume that your Windows folder is named
Windows. If your Windows folder is named something else, substitute the name of your Windows folder in the following commands.
cd \windows\command
copy drvbin.w95 drvspace.bin /y
copy dblbin.w95 dblspace.bin /y
copy drvsys.w95 drvspace.sys /y
copy dblsys.w95 dblspace.sys /y
cd \windows\system\iosubsys
copy drvvxd.w95 drvspacx.vxd /y
attrib *.w95 -s -h -r
attrib *.bin -s -h -r
copy drvbin.w95 drvspace.bin /y
copy dblbin.w95 dblspace.bin /y

romboAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments I recieved so far! However, my problem is not adressed in any of the Microsoft articles. There seem to be other problems with DriveSpace but this one is very specific: it does not occur on installation (btw. I installed from CD-ROM) but when the machine reboots in that special mode e.g. after trying to change the size of a compressed drive.

I have also tried the generic Standard VGA Driver with the very same result. What I do not understand is what Yoram means by "with no drivers at all". As far as I can see there has to be a video driver - in the easiest case the Standard VGA driver.

Still looking for some way to solve this ...

"no drivers at all" - I mean no "outside drivers" - nothing from outside the windows 95 install cd
A bit more expensive but so mcuh safer: Stacker!
Try it. It compresses better, doesn't give errors, has support and hotline, and, well... it's not from Microsoft so it's got a chance to work :)

Check that whether your VGA adaptor need a power-up configuration. It usually in the Config.sys. If it does, try a different VGA adaptor (may borrow from a friend if you don't have a spare).
romboAuthor Commented:
OK guys, got to increase the reward to 200 points as there is no solution yet - Actually not even a hint on where the problem might originate.

Yoram: I think this was worth a try but it didn't change the effect.

Johnt: Thanks for that recommendation I was not aware there being a Win95 version of Stacker. Is ist really so much better than
Drivespace? Any rewiews recently or on the web? I'd go for it as I am desparate for space - if only I could buy it directly on the web (in a German Store they will sell me a German version, which I hate and US mail order is a hassle ...). In any case, the Stacker solution might still leave me with my 10 MB DriveSpace
drive which I can't remove.

Chin: The VGA adaptor works without any setting in config.sys (in fact my system is running without any config.sys) and: as it is a notebook I have trouble swapping the adaptor :-).

Thanks to all of you ...

Rombo, looing at the description of your problem, it seems to me that it is not a problem of the video driver. Its more like a firmware (flash BIOS)problem. I suggest you visit the following web site and download the appropriate Flash BIOS. and choose Flash BIOS Updates.

Good luck
When you boot to the safe mode instead of telling drivespace to stop it's operation you change the video modes in your safe mode.
Then click on my computer and then left mouse button on the drive you are trying to compress and the one that is compressed (if you have this drive there already).
If there are no problems, just restart the computer.
After that you should see a compress drive, which you should be able to perform normal operations with.
If you don't have access to compressed drives in safe mode (when changing video driver to something acceptable) then change the video driver, restart, then check your compressed drives, and then restart again.  You should be done.
If you have not installed drivespace 3 from Plus, you do not have resize options, otherwise it should be working.


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