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I am trying to set the focus to an application other than the calling application. I seem to remember making a call to  SetForegroundWindow in the past yet it doesnt seem to work.  The app is activated by making a call to ShellExecuteEx so i have the Handle. what am i doing wrong. I may be Mistaken and used to call another API in the past. Platform :- win95 Delphi20.
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You should try this

  ShowWindow(Wnd: HWnd; CmdShow: Integer): Bool;

But you need to retrive to windows Hwnd handle to use it, if you know windows classname or windowname.

  FindWindow(Classname, WindowName: PChar): HWnd;
MdibAuthor Commented:
I use winsight to get the handle to the window and use the handle, The function returns success but the window is not bought to the forground..
SetForegroundWindow does work if you pass it the correct handle, but you can't get this handle from ShellExecuteEx, you need to use FindWindow or more likely EnumWindows.

Could you list the window classes and names for the app as reported by WinSight? If so, I'll write you some code.

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1. use SetActiveWindow(handle of the window)
2. in order to find the handle of the window use
3. in order to find the class of the window use the spy program.
MdibAuthor Commented:
SetActiveWindow will only bring the window to the forground if the window belongs to the application making the call. I am trying to activate a vindow from a different app.

MdibAuthor Commented:
Comment for Sperling:-

I would appreciate an example of EnumWindows callback. Essentially what i am trying to accomplish is to activate an application. If an instace of that application already exists then simply set the focus to the existing instance. Note that the application is a third party app such as netscape for example so i can not chech for previous instance from within the app. I will know befor hand wich apps i will want to run so i would have no problem making a comparison of the windows class.  If you can think of a better way of doing this I would be glad to hear it. for the purpose of this exercise (EnumWindows) feel free to use any windows class or you can use RegEdit_RegEdit.

Here's some code using EnumWindows.

Basically, use it by calling FocusWindow('NameOfClass')

The code will focus the first top-level window where the class name *contains* the string passed to FocusWindow.

Delphi's main window is of class 'TAppBuilder', therefore FocusWindow('builder') should activate Delphi.

You probably should make the code case-sensitive and require exact class names as you know the exact names.


  GClassToFind : PChar;

function EnumWindowsCallback (hWnd : INTEGER; lParam : INTEGER) : BOOL; stdcall;
  a      : ARRAY [0..99] OF CHAR;
  Result := TRUE;
  if (GetClassName (hWnd, a, SizeOf(a)) > 0) then begin
    if StrPos (a, GClassToFind) <> nil then begin
      Result := FALSE;

procedure FocusWindow (AClass : STRING);
  GClassToFind := StrAlloc(Length(AClass)+1);
  StrPCopy(GClassToFind, UpperCase(AClass));
  EnumWindows(@EnumWindowsCallback, 0);




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