code page 1250 scripts

How to use different scripts (other than "Western"),  for screen fonts?
There is a choice of differnet scripts in "font dialog", but whatever I choose, "Western" is used!
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Please give more detail. I do not fully understand what your problem is.

What is the deal with the code page 1250. What is teh purpose of this ? Do you need to get a certain font chosen as default if your's is not installed ?
quetzalqoatlAuthor Commented:
We are using <cp 1250 Eastern European script> for displaying
special slovenian characters (standard for my country).So, in short, there is no shortcut or half-way solutions acceptable.
Specify exactly which program you are using and where are you geting this problem.

The universal solution to this is to install the original Windows 95 Slovenian translation since it uses some special internal settings to let you use CE/1250 fonts as defaults everywhere.

Aha - lep pozdrav!
quetzalqoatlAuthor Commented:
OK, some background: I'm using WIN95 4.00.950 Pan European edition + Delphi 2.01.
By the way, other programs (M$ Word, M$ Excel, Netscape Nav..) are aware of selected font scripts and the spacial characters are
displayed OK.
If you want 1250 fonts in Delphi environment then simply choose a CE font e.g. Courier New CE. It is not possible yet to choose a font script for Delphi environment.

If you have a Delphi program and want to use scripting with it then there is an option under TFont named CHARSET. Here you choose or read the specified font script. For 1250 scripts choose EASTEUROPE_CHARSET. Aha - this is not yet possible in Delphi 2. Get Delphi 3.

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