WHY SOES MY DNS only primariy in some places?

Here's additional information and the cause of the original problem.  I changed subnets on my domain about a month ago and also changed DNS servers.  I submitted a change to InterNIC which looked fine afterwards.  I has my domain removed from the old DNS servers so zoro.com could never be resolved there.  The IP that I submitted to InterNIC for my primary DNS was  the secondary DNS IP which I submitted was from where I an, the whois zoro.com looks great... whois lannywolfe.com has a secondary DNS IP of which was the old IP of  taz.zoro.com.  Where is InterNIC getting this old IP from?  The old DNSs don't have zoro.com.  I sometimes see whois report the correct DNS IPs, other times the whois has both DNS IP's as my old IPs...  Is InterNIC having problems?

I am primary DNS for my domain, zoro.com and a few other
virtual websites.  This user on earthlink.net can't resolve
the virtual domain but he can resolve zoro.com.  he can resolve the virtual domain from the microsoft campus most times.  A guy at a .edu has no problem resolving it.  A guy at a insurance company can't...   What's going on?  The virtual is lannywolfe.com.

Any ideas?  Linux kernel 1.2.13  solid T-1 link


Kirk      kir1229@zoro.com
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Domain servers in listed order:


I can't ping either of those right now -- They are the two
authoritative name servers for lannywolfe.com. If they are
not up, then nobody in the world can lookup lannywolfe.com
unless they are cached from a previous lookup.

zoro.com needs to be up at all times in order for lannywolfe.
com to work.

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kirkr050997Author Commented:
Edited text of question
kirkr050997Author Commented:
The base question was not answered so I added additional info above.
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Looks like the DNS change has gone through (today).  Now
the primary name server for lannywolfe.com listed at Internic
is "dns1.zoro.com" - so it should look up for anybody now as
soon as their nameservers ttl expires (if it's cached the 204
address, it will take some time to expire, and do a fresh
lookup and get the 206 address)

You still need to submit a change for secondary DNS server at
Internic though - It reports taz.zoro.com with the old 204
kirkr050997Author Commented:
But it flops back and fourth...  Shouldn't the InterNIC send the IP addresses that I specified?  If goofy.zoro.com had a long TTL I could see some host having problems but lannywolfe.com is new.  No hosts should have it cached.
No - I think you are missing the point.  Heres the scenario for
a lookup of lannywolfe.com:
(assuming the address is NOT cached)
Query Internic ----->  Internic returns (the
primary nameserver for lannywolfe.com) ------> then the lookup
queries at which point your nameserver returns
the address for lannywolfe.com (which happens to be the same
address, but Internic nor the person looking it up knows that.)

Until today, anytime somebody looked up lannywolfe.com, it was
pointing lookups to the 204. address for the primary nameserver -
it should never have worked from outside unless Internic is
personally changing the info in their root servers from day to
day just to mess with you (obviously not the case.)

You also should repair your reverse DNS files.  They are not
returning the correct information on lookups.  I suggest taking
a look at DNS & BIND by O'Reilly & associates - I read it cover
to cover, and highly recommend it.
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