Onboard sound problem

I have an Intel Endeavour M/B with onboard SB16 chip. When I installed Win95, it picked up the sound 'card' OK, but when I logged on the next time, it was disabled.  It was possible to enable sound by re-adding it, but the next time I logged on, it was disabled again, etc.  It still works fine when running a DOS session.
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 If you have not done this then give it a go:
1. Go to Control panel|Add new hardware and double click.
2. A screen will come up asking, "Do you want Windows to search for new hardware". Click NO.
A screen will appear, "Select the kind of hardware you want to install".
Scroll to "Sound, video and game controllers and double click.
From there read whats on the screen. Choose (unknow or other?)
There will appear many options for Creative Labs and SB16. Choose you device and install.

That should do it Rowbatty,
if not, let me know what (details please) what did occur.

RowBattyAuthor Commented:
The suggested answer was what was meant by the 're-adding it' in the original question.  The sound card is added using the method you outline, but when you re-boot, you have no sound, only to find the sound card disabled in the device manager.  I even tried disabling it in the BIOS and adding an actual sound card.  Windows 95 still sets up the onbaord card, as well as the dedicated sound card, but both are disabled when you reboot.  
Try going into the BIOS setup before win95 boots. Check to see if the device has an entry. Check for problems with IRQ conflicts and memory address overrights. Might even be a simple thing by making the change in the BIOS setup and saving it.

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Well then, if "fialgj's" suggestion does not do it. Try letting the hardware wazzard work all the way trhough. It should pick it up.
RowBattyAuthor Commented:
I let the BIOS set the IRQ and addresses, and also tried setting them manually. On both occasions, the settings matched the Win 95 allocations, and Win 95 showed no conflicts.  I already tried the hardware wizard, and as already mentioned, successfully set up the onboard sound card.  The problem is, that the 'next time' you come on to Win 95, the sound is disabled again!
Do you ever get any kind of error message, or, unusual messages on boot?
Idea tme.Have you tried using the add new hardware method, but using the have disk option, then use the DOS drivers?
I suspect the device is not "ready" when win95 starts.may be try a slower power on test (by disabling the "fast" option, let it make full memory check.
And another shot in the dark...
Have you tried sbw95up.exe from:

Try this: go to control-panel and system and find your sound card. Check it properties and disable the "standard setup" or "automatic setup" button ( I use the swedish version of Windows 95 so I dont know what it says in the US version ). Change the port info so you have these settings. The first two settings should be 220-xxx and 330-xxx. The IRQ channel should be 5 and the DMA channels 1 and 5. Restart your computer and make shure you have kept these settings

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