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simulating the JavaScript mouse over function in Java

Posted on 1997-05-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2011-10-03
I'm trying to write a standalone java application (not an applet).  I'm
using Symantec's Visual Cafe Pro (if that's important).

One of the functions I need to implement is the Java Script mouse over.
I have a single large gif.  Within the gif are 4 areas that, when the
mouse moves over, I'd like to replace with a highlight image.

Example: picture a large gif of an airplane.  As I move the mouse over
the windows, I'd like to have people's faces pop-up.

My questions are:

1) is it better to split the base image into smaller images (ie the
plane and each separate window) or to have one big initial gif?

2) is there a mouse over function or do I have to trap mouse position?

3) is there a way to support Java Script directly in a standalone java

If you don't mind, could you please CC me via e-mail on any response.
Thanks in advance.

PS: I'm never too proud to accept example source code ;)

Ken Kranz                        WEB Systems Administrator
mailto:http://kkranz@ebbtide.com      V: 516.582.5270 x333
Question by:kkranz
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Accepted Solution

jpk041897 earned 100 total points
ID: 1220542
>1) is it better to split the base image into smaller images (ie the
>plane and each separate window) or to have one big initial gif?

No, keep the image straight.

>2) is there a mouse over function or do I have to trap mouse >position?

Yes, its the handleEvent() method. Its general form is:

/*File Event01.txt
This is Listing 19-12 from Using Java, Special Edition
by Joseph Weber, et al.
public boolean handleEvent(Event evt) {
  switch (evt.id) {
    case Event.MOUSE_ENTER: return mouseEnter(evt, evt.x, evt.y);
    case Event.MOUSE_EXIT: return mouseExit(evt, evt.x, evt.y);
    case Event.MOUSE_MOVE: return mouseMove(evt, evt.x, evt.y);
    case Event.MOUSE_DOWN: return mouseDown(evt, evt.x, evt.y);
    case Event.MOUSE_DRAG: return mouseDrag(evt, evt.x, evt.y);
    case Event.MOUSE_UP: return mouseUp(evt, evt.x, evt.y);
    case Event.KEY_PRESS:
    case Event.KEY_ACTION: return keyDown(evt, evt.key);
    case Event.KEY_RELEASE:
    case Event.KEY_ACTION_RELEASE: return keyUp(evt, evt.key);

    case Event.ACTION_EVENT: return action(evt, evt.arg);
    case Event.GOT_FOCUS: return gotFocus(evt, evt.arg);
    case Event.LOST_FOCUS: return lostFocus(evt, evt.arg);
  } //end switch
  return false;

>3) is there a way to support Java Script directly in a standalone >java

No, Javascript is completley browser dependant.

>PS: I'm never too proud to accept example source code ;)

Although I don't know of any examples that specificaly adrees your request,
the theory and samples in the first three lessons at:


should be enough to get you going. You might also want to look at:


for information (and samples) regarding images.


Author Comment

ID: 1220543
The MOUSE_ENTER & MOUSE_EXIT were the keys that I was looking for.  I ended up overlaying an image viewer on each hot area.  Using MOUSE_ENTER & MOUSE_EXIT I can make the java script hot cursor look alike.  In fact, by using the image viewer I can now circulate between various images as the cursor goes over the same area.

Good answer though.  Thanks so much for the help.

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