Creating AVI movies from BMPs and WAVs

How ( if ) can I create AVI compressed movie files from a sequence of pictures ( BMP or whatever ) and audio files
(WAV or whatever ) ?
Ofcourse, I wish to synchronize the sound with the pictures... and create the movie on runtime.
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nir_lAuthor Commented:
I already found a component which creates AVIs from a sequence
of BMPs. I can EMail it to you if you leave me a thread at

All replies would be gr8ly appriciated...
You should have a look at the Video for Windows SDK. It contains all the info you need to use the AVICAP.dll which let you do such things.

Compression will depend on the codec's you have installed. Download video for windows somewhere if you have not already ...
nir_lAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
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nir_lAuthor Commented:
Where's the Video for Windows SDK can be found? Does it have a VCL delphi supporT?
The SDK is available online at the microsoft site (

I am using a 1994 version at the moment and it does not have any delphi support :^(. It does come with a .VBX though. If you read the SDK you should be able to call the DLL's directly without any problems.

Working with dll's are not all that simple so if you have not done this before it might be better to try another solution (maybe a component from who knows where).

Have a look at the SDK, they might have added delphi support. I am sure they added a .OCX . There are of course lots of applications that do this if you do not need the functionality in you application but only need to create an .AVI ...
Working with the Video for Windows SDK is not trivial.

I have all the necessary .H files for the VfW converted to
Delphi and I have done some work with it.  Mainly
doing the reverse of what you want...extracting .BMP and

Anyhow, if you want the code, send e-mail.

I require a high grade before send though, since there is
a HIGH tendency for folks not to grade on the Experts-Exchange.
An A grade is required.

I have a flawless record for sending what I say I'll send.

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nir_lAuthor Commented:
I also don't have the VFW SDK and I guess it also cost something... Could you tell me its d/l address or
nir_lAuthor Commented:
I also don't have the VFW SDK and I guess it also cost something... Could you tell me its d/l address or
If it's free ( I realy don't know about it ) then
you may send it to me to
Mine came with the MSDN subscription.  You can probably download it for free from the MS website.  They have an SDK section.

Tell me if you were able to download/find it.  If you can't find it, then you might as well give up.  Maybe purchase an MSDN subscription?

Anyhow, I cannot send you what I have.  If you have the

You probably already have the DLLs on your are simply lacking the docs.


Sorry to bother but I am trying to capture video from a VB SE100 using Delphi. Using MCI at the moment but the speed is horrible (380ms/frame). I have to capture to DIB since I run a compression scheme unsupported by AVI CODEC's.

If you have any idea how to speed this up, let me know and I will  post it as a question ...


Accept his answer, he knows what he is talking about. Even after I got the SDK I still struggled to get everything going. It gives you all the info you need but it is not all that clear.
Never heard of a VB SE100.  A video capture board obviously.

What video format does the board naturally support?  MPEG?
I'm presuming it is an old board if it does not come with
a compression codec for AVI?

How fast is your system?  If slower than a P66, I'd immediately
suggest something faster.

I don't think I'd be much help...never done any 'real-time'
video capture.  All I've done was for a project where I was
experimenting with a new video compression format (great
compression ratio [1:256], great decompression, pretty good
image but lousy compression [10 minutes per frame on a Dec Alpha]).
All I ever captured was uncompressed, true-colour AVI.  You'd
never guess how large a one minute uncompressed true-colour
AVI recorded at 30 frames/second is?

I've also never used MCI.  I heard it was sluggish.

You could just create the AVI by creating a RIFF file out
of the BMP and WAV files.  The RIFF format is the underlying
format of AVIs (also WAVs).

Though you really wouldn't want to do this.  RIFF is a terribly
complex format with many different variations on how
things can be arranged.  Its very flexible, yet this flexibility
makes it tough to read and write by hand.  I wouldn't even
begin doing something of that magnitude.

So, I'm not really suggesting this as an alternative, but to
inform you that your ONLY option is to somehow get a hold of
the Video for Windows docs.  I'm sure you'll find them at
Microsoft's web site.
nir_lAuthor Commented:

If you can send me what you've done I'll grade your
question as you wished... I didn't do it now because
of some previous commet you wrote about not being
able to send me the meterial.
I've sent the material several times to the address listed above.
I've never received a bounce.

Anyhow, I'll require a grade before I send anything again...
I now figure I am going out of my way...I will send it though...
so do ot worry about that...I have a flawless record here.
nir_lAuthor Commented:
Okay, mh.

I've graded your answer as you wished. I
didn't receive any EMail from you though.
Please do sent the meterial to

BTW: I couldn't get the Video For Windows SDK on the MS site,
coz it seems to be currently missing ( all the video section ),
so I'd b happy if you send it to me as well.
I cannot send you the Video for Windows SDK stuff.  I believe
I mentioned that above.  You'll have to get it from Microsoft.
If I sent it to you it would be a breach of copyright laws.

I can only send you sample code that uses the SDK and the
VfW DLLs (which you probably already have).  You'll have to
find your own method to obtain the VfW documentation.

I will send you the sample Delphi stuff in the next day.
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