C++ Dll

I have some classes written in C++ in a DLL.
How can I use this classes in Delphi?
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Create a similar pascal function prototype and follow it by external 'MyDllName.dll';


MyDllFunction(int FirstParam, word SecondParam) {
  // Blaah Blaah Blaah

function MyDllFunction(FirstParam :integer; SecondParam :word) :integer; external 'MyDllName.dll';

Then just go ahead and call it in your code ...
Ok, that was calling functions of course.

Structures have to be duplicated in much the same way, only the functions can be called directly from the .dll.

You can thus not create an instance of a class that you only declared in the .dll.

The same limitations apply in Delphi as in C++ with respect to accessing stuff in dll's
Create a virtual, abstract class in Delphi, where all methods map exactly (and in the same order) as those of the C++ class.

Next, export a function from the C++ DLL which creates an instance of the class, and returns it as a pointer. In delphi, cast this pointer to the abstract class you've defined, and use.


C class:

class SomeClass ....
  void SomeMethod (byte * Data);

Delphi class

TSomeClass = class
  procedure SomeMethod (Data : PBYTE); virtual; abstract;

funtion DLLCreateSomeClass : POINTER; external 'DLLNAME.DLL';

procedure SomeProcedure;
  SomeObject : TSomeClass;
  SomeObject := TSomeObject(DLLCreateSomeClass);

I'm not certain of the C++ syntax, but this'll hopefully give you an idea of how to do. You'll ofcourse have to ensure that calling conventions are correct.




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