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Sound Galaxy Basic 16 and Warp 4

Greetings. I need assistance in setting up my Sound Galaxy
Basic 16 sound card. Thus far, no success. Please tell me
which drivers I should use and all relevant information, if
you have one.
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1 Solution
try the OS/2 Device Driver Repository.  Or
try Aztech Lab's Home page at



I think it is aztech.  I used to have a
sound Galaxy Nova 16, you should find what
you need there.  If you need to change
settings after you install in Warp, look
to your config.sys for the device azt16
something like that.  If the card uses an
eeprom like the Nova and the Washington
do, then you have to use DOS.  Preferably
_true_ DOS, but OS/2's DOS should work as
well.  Good like trying to get it to work
in Win-OS/2 however.  I never got my NOVA
16 nor my roommates Washington 16 (both
Sound Galaxy) under Win-OS/2.  You should
have drivers on the Device Driver CD that
came with warp.  Check your documentation
if you don't know how to use it.  There
should at least be a link to Aztech's home

MasterBoAuthor Commented:
I have visited www.aztech.com already: as for Sound Galaxy
Basic 16, all they have there is DOS/Windows support
software and tools, pretty old as it is. No specific
OS/2 SGB16 drivers are present. I need someone who knows
how to install the support for the card I am using.
General advice is not appropriate, since it's too wide.
I need concise and clear directions. Sorry.

Well then, give me specifics.  Tell me
exactly what the card is like.  What modes
does it operate on?  What settings are
there?  Port addresses, irq's, DMAs, etc.  
Lemme know EXACTLY what you have.  I
fiddled with mine and my roommates a lot
and got both of them working with time.  
I'll help as much as I can.
MasterBoAuthor Commented:
I have obtained Sound Galaxy Basic 16
OS/2 drievr from the Ultimate Sound
homepage. I'm sorry, but I cannot give for
our answer more than 50 points: there were
*no* drivers for SGB16 on Aztech page. :(

ultimate sound page?  What's the address, It may solve a problem
that a friend of mine has.

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