MAKE-ing kernel fails

When I try to re-compile the kernel (to use sound) and answer "y" to "configure sound?", the script apparently tries to use Make recursively (as it should).  Make then aborts, complaining that it doesn't recognize the option "-C" (which is perfectly legal, according to the man page).
Any ideas as to what might be causing this? (I am runing Red Hat Linux 4.0; the version of Make is 3.75, I think

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MikeCristConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't have libc libc-static, and libc-profile, make might not work properly.  I know I was missing one of these packages once and couldn't do anything.  You might try running a make config instead of make menuconfig.  Also, the dialog and ncurses packages are borken with the CD-ROM version of RedHat 4.0.  Get the latest packages from

Hope this helps.
Are you sure you have all your swap space mounted?
seabadgerAuthor Commented:
And yes, I do have a 16-meg swap space that is mounted
Maybe there is an older version of make in your path? What kernel version are you trying to build?

seabadgerAuthor Commented:
I'll check, but I don't think so.  the kernel version is 2.0.18
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