Raw ASCII file tranfer on a serial port

I am looking for a utility for linux that will allow me
to transfer file to and fram a serial port in raw ASCII format. Preferably, I would like to call it from Minicom.
Please post the where I can get such a utility and
instructions to use it, if it is not straight forward.
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cat file > /dev/ttyS0
I don't know how to call it from minicom.
rfedaneAuthor Commented:
Your solution does is not raw ASCII.
Could you give more detail about what and why you want to do
this?  E.g. are you trying to automate transfers, or are
you trying to have some kind of dialog with a not very bright
serial device, such as a printer, or terminal.
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rfedaneAuthor Commented:
I am trying to send a software image to upgrade a router
that requires raw ascii uploads. Since this is a binary file
it has to be raw ascii.
It has several ways to solve your problem.

1. I have my own code that can translate binary into hex
    e.g. A become 65
2. So, the binary will turn to be stream of 00 to FF
3. If you want to upload from linux to DOS I prefer using dip
   at linux side and telix on DOS side
4. on linux side you cp hex_files to ttySx

The complete solution on this mattter is by using IILC
Then you can directly ftp binary files from both sides.

IILC is available at

There are still abundant of method to transfer files via
serial ports.

What do you mean by "raw ascii", ascii is by definition a set of printable and control characters.

Are you actually trying to send binary. I.e. have no translation of the data being transmitted performed as it goes out ?

Or do you need to convert it into some ascii format (Maybe hex) to send it (Don't think so, otherwise it would have been supplied that way)

I think the first answer you had was correct, except that the serial port was in the wrong mode.   Do an stty -a </dev/ttyS0
(Or whatever serial port you're using) and post that, so we can see what the serial port is doing (Probably Xon/Xoff flow control)

rfedaneAuthor Commented:

I screwed up. If ggeens resubmits his answer, I can award him the points.
I agree that binary is not ASCII. But if you send control chr
then on some modem it will cause serious problem because it
actually send 7 bit not 8 bit.

From original require he want something I solve for him.

cp and cat is not much different.

I don't know exactly what his problem is.  But I am sure my IILC
is the complete solution. To whatever he want to do with
serial ports.


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Using minicom type '<ctl-a>s' then choose 'cat filename' for the program to be used, along with IO-Red set so that the output of the cat program will be set to the tty port.  If you wish to receive a file, use '<ctl-a>r' and 'tee filename' as the mechanism, setting IO-Red.
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