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I have been reading articles in FAQs about putting a
"Delphi Apps Icon on the Icon Tray".

But none I have seen so far come close to answering
all the questions related to putting Apps on the
Windows 95 Icon Bar.

Also, I haven't found any that work for Delphi v1.

I am reluctant to use a Third Party components for the
usual reasons.

Terminology :  So we don't get confused :

Tray Bar - the resizable Windows 95 Tray Bar where all user executed
  applications, like Word, Excel, etc keep their icons / names.
  Has the "START" menu icon on it and the Icon Bar.

Icon Bar - the small rectangular part of the Tray Bar where the time,
  speaker volume, and other application's icons are displayed (like
  McAfee Virus scan, Cleansweep, etc).

Can anyone tell me :

1. What I need to do to put an App on the Icon Bar.

2. How to achieve this under Delphi v1 and Delphi v2.

3. How to get your application to pop back up when you
   double click on the icon in the Icon Bar.

4. How to provide a popup menu (right clicking) on the icon
   on the Icon Bar.

5. How to remove the App's icon and name from the Tray Bar
   and the ALT-TAB list of applications.

6. How to embed the icon data in your application so that you
   don't need to point to an icon file for your icon tray icon ?
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There is a freeware component on the DSP called TrayIcon that does all that except it's delphi 2.

The DSP is at:

You cannot put a tray icon under delphi 1.0 because win3.1 does not have a tray and delphi 1 is for win3.1
moose032797Author Commented:
I have checked out Tray Icon previously.

I don't like Third Party Components - for the usual reasons - as stated above.

Also, Tray Icon doesn't do all I mentioned above.

I have had enough pain and aggravation trying to upgrade to Delphi v2.0 - the last thing I need is more aggravation / debugging for componets that stop working.

I need to know exactly how to do it for myself.

PLEASE - NO Third Party Components !

There is an in-depth article on Win95 Tray Icons in the
August 1996 issue of The Delphi Magazine.

It only covers D2.  I really doubt you'll find much success
getting a D1 app to load itself onto the tray...they are using
different APIs.

Anyhow, I can send you a high quality scan of the article if
you'd like.  All I need is your e-mail address and for you to
grade this answer with an A grade.  You'll receive 200 DPI
GIFS of each page of the article.  Perfect for printing out.
I've done this'll like them.  It is a good article.
All the source code you'll need is in the article.

I will not send article until I've received a grade.  Too many
bad experiences with sending people stuff here and then they
ignore E-E and do not grade my efforts.  I do have a flawless
record for sending what I say I will send.  So not to worry
on your part.


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BTW, the article covers all the points you laid out except that
it does not cover Delphi 1.  But like I said, I doubt you'll
have much luck with D1.
Another point:  if you don't want to make your e-mail address
public, you can mail it to me at:
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