20 easy points, Re: closing Frames

I have had the most trouble closing my Frames. I know the Frame ignores the Event.WINDOW_DESTROY. So without using System.exit(0), how can I get my Frames to close?
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jpk041897Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Call the frames dispose() method.

dispose() destroys the frame. If thats not what you want, then you can call its diasable(true)  and setVisible(false) methods.
GilaMonsterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.

Your I have tried your suggestions. Here is the code that I thought would do the job; however, when I hit the 'X' in Win 95 to close the frame nothing happens.


 public boolean handleEvent(Event event)
      if (event.id == Event.WINDOW_DESTROY)
            hide();         // hide the Frame
            dispose();      // free the system resources
            System.exit(0); // close the application
            return true;
      return super.handleEvent(event);
What platform and JDK version are you running under?
Since a Frame is derived from Window, which is derived from container which is derived from component, you might want to try:


and see if that works.
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