how do i reset a setTimeout?¿

Can someone look over this and  tell me why its not working.
What I want it to do is to jump to another page after no activity for 5
minutes.  I want to turn the whole page into an image map so when the
mouse moves off an image it resets the timer. Please help!
heres what ive got so far:


<!--hide me"only"
function goNext() {
open("timer2.html", "only");

function reSet() {
//stop hiding-->
<body onLoad="myTimer= setTimeout('goNext()',5000)"><!---this is the
time in miliseconds-->

your image map or pictures go here,
be sure to have the "onMouseout" thing within the image tag

<img src="color_cube_colors.gif" onMouseout="reSet; goNext();">
<img src="color_cube_colors.gif" onMouseout="reSet; goNext();">
<img src="color_cube_colors.gif" onMouseout="reSet; goNext();">



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garikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, let's change reSet() function - it should set a new timeout after clearing a previous one:

 function reSet() {
myTimer = setTimeout('goNext()',5000);

Next, onMouseOut and onMouseOver events are generated only for the Link object; therefore, either make those images real image maps or put them inside the anchor:

<A HREF=/ onMouseOver='reSet()' onMouseOut='reSet()'>
    <IMG SRC='some.gif'>

I'd suggest to use both events to detect activity. In addition, onMouseOut has been introduced only in Netscape 3.0, so previous Netscape and MS IE dosn't understand it.

I hope I understood your problem correctly; if not, please comment on the answer before rejecting it :)

Did you try: onMouseOut="(reSet();goNext();)"

note the parentheses after reSet.
wiredAuthor Commented:
thank you for trying, but that didnt work...please keep helping!
wiredAuthor Commented:
THANK you very much, that worked perfectly! u rock!
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