Is the selected printer a postscript printer?


I'm using Visual C++ 5.0 and MFC's common dialog class CPrintDialog to let the user select printer, printer options, and range of pages to print. After (s)he clicks OK I need to know if the selected printer is a postscript printer since we convert TIFF files to PS files before printing anything.

Any help is deeply appreciated!

Dan Andersson
Frontec Norr AB
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AVaulinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use CPrintDialog::GetDevMode. If dmTTOption field of returned DEVMODE structure equal DMTT_SUBDEV then selected printer is PostScript.
DANANDERSSONAuthor Commented:
I was a little to quick to give A Vaulin credit for the answer. It seems like all my printers give the value of the dmTTOption field to DMTT_SUBDEV. For instance I have a laber printer (Axiohm LabelWriter XL Plus) that definitely is not a Postscript printer. This printer gives the value DMTT_SUBDEV.

Have any other clues?

                 Dan    (
There is also one way: there is dmDeviceName member which is unique among device drivers. You can analyze it.
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