how to reactivate the application.onhint proc

i have rerouted the application.onhint procedure through my
own TNotifyEvent, but i can't figure out how to put it back
for later use in the same program... (the main form has the
hints running to a status bar, whereas i need the hints on
another form to run as normal.....what's the trick i am overlooking?
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Before activating the form, can't you simply set the showhints flag to false for the mainform, then call the form.  On return you set the mainform's showhint back to true.

This is what I understand that you want to do.....
One form is showing hints along with the mainform.  When you call another form, you do NOT want them to show up on the mainform.

Disabling them before calling the should remove them from the mainform.
ywoedtaAuthor Commented:
sorry about the f, ozzy - but that's not what i had in mind.  look up the application.onhint event and check it hints pop up in a status panel on the main form, but i want regular (ie, little floating windows) hints on the secondary form.....
Setting each control's onhint flag to true will make the yellow popup's show up again.  Each panel, label, button, etc. has a showhint flag that needs to be set to true.  Then the yellow window will show up again.
BTW, feel free to give another 'f' if this is still not the idea you are looking for.  I am not easily offended.  :-)

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ywoedtaAuthor Commented:
hehhe - i wil give you an "A" for effort since i am drunk and it doesn't matter anyways. =]  I am not easily offended, either.... and, unfortunately, my project is at work... so i can't chekc out your answer currently... i wil do so on monday. ;] so you say even though the hint value is set to true already, if i set it to true again once i have usd the line of code "application.onhint := myhintproc" it will reproduce the yellow hint boxes?
What you should also do, is call the default event handler in your handler if you want the hint to appear.  That way it will show them when it does it's default handling of the event.
ywoedtaAuthor Commented:
wel, see - i may not understand tour fix since i anm drunk and cannot even type at this point, but here goes:
at my main form's create event, i run the line of code :
   application.onhint := myhintproc;
now how would i reverse that decision to get my secondary formn to show hints as normal?? you said to set it to the default, but i don't know how since i am lame =] gimme a line of code to set it back, if you would be so gracious =P
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