How does OSR2 do this???????

How does Windows 95 OSR2 impliment the running of SCANDISK after a faulty shutdown of Windows 95.  Is there a modification to a .BATch file or what is it that is triggering this action.
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The easiest way to for Win95 to see if a system has crashed is to see for the presence of a swapfile.
You can disable running auto scandisk by adding:
AutoScan=0 under [Options] in your msdos.sys file...

Hope this answers your question,


SmedleyAuthor Commented:
Henri I understand what you are suggesting about AutoScan=0 in MSDOS.SYS but I cannot see how that presence or otherwise of a SwapFile can cause ScanDisk to run or not as the computer is restarted.  That setting is going to cause or not cause ScanDisk to run every time.
I am not asking about settings for it I am asking what the trigger is that runs ScanDisk after an unsatisfactory ShutDown of Windows 95 OSR2.
Previous versions of Windows did not work this way.
The non-existance of a SwapFile on my system I have the Swapfile set to a fixed minium and maximum size and the file is always present even if the machine has "crashed"

SmedleyAuthor Commented:
For anyone who may be interested I found a pretty good description in the Microsoft Knowledge Base about this behaviour of Windows 95 OSR2, its at:
Basically it has qnswered the question for me.
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It just checks for a "Clean shutdown" flag, if it isnt present, the system was abnormally terminated, and a scadisk is triggered.
And we didn't read it? Come on j2...

Smedley, try a message to customer support explaining you answered the question yourself and they will refund your points...


It's hard programed in OSR2's schedule of activities. You can stop it as henrie suggested. However, if you want a programers explaintion.
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