Dial-up-Networking Setup


When I'm connected via dial-up networking, after I've been
connected 30 mins windows gives me the prompt that my connection has been for idle those 30 mins (when it hasn't !!) and offers to cut me off in 30 secs.
this is a bloody pain when I wish to leave the computer unatended whilst doing a large download.

Can anyone tell me where I can remove this setting please.
Just to remove it all together, get rid of the stupid timeout ALL TOGETHER !!!


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It is a setting in your dial up icon. Go to properties, choose tab Connection and uncheck the box Disconnect if idle for xx minutes.
There is a second setting. It is in the properties of your modem (device manager). You have to uncheck the disconnect box here too!

Good luck.


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brettxAuthor Commented:

The disconnect option under device manager/modem was already unchecked and I cannot see a connections tab in my dial-up properties options.
Sorry, I meant the
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Sorry, I meant the configure button (the button below your type of modem) in the general tab. That's where the second one is under connections.
So it's Dialup network > right click on your icon for dialup > select properties > on tab general choose configure > choose tab connection and uncheck the box for disconnect etc.
That should do it!

brettxAuthor Commented:
we could be in trouble here Henrie,

The above option you just said was also 'UNCHECKED" !! already.

So....both boxes are not ticked but my connection still times out.???
Any more ideas ??

Are you connecting to ISP or your NT or Windows95 server? Have you checked setting on opposite side?
               Best regards
Allright, it's bizarre, but MSIE has also a timer! It defaults to 30 min's!!!
Go to MenuItem View > Options > Connection and there it is, another checkbox for disconnecting if idle!!!

I didn't believe it,
hope you have more luck this time,


brettxAuthor Commented:
The plot thickens..

This is a recent problem to arise (I've been on the net for a while and this has only started within the last 2 weeks)

I get a windows prompt box ....timeout...idle...etc so It muxt be occuring at my end (unless somehow my isp is sending a coded message to my computer to prompt me that I have been inactive when I havn't !!) This seems highly unlikely..

I shall defrag cause that sometimes causes all sorts of problems when the computer hasn't been refreshed for a while, and hopefully...

No points yet Henrie  :)   but if nobody comes up with any other ideas there yours in a week or so


brettxAuthor Commented:
Forgot..  Don't use msie only Netscape :)
It's true -- using MSIE is a mess.
If all Technical issues fail (and indeed using MSIE is A mess!!!
Try using a "keep live software",
usually very small IP utilities that send signals to your ISP
Internet DIAL-UP Server .

It's getting pretty warm out here :)

Copy your registry to a safe location.
Go into the registry with regedit.exe and find the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MOS\Preferences and look for the key "DisconnectTimeout" if it has any value other than zero, write it down, try changing it.

Also check this one:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings and look for the key DisconnectIdleTime, also write down the value, and set it also to Zero.
There is another key in this string: EnableAutodisconnect, it's value must certainly be zero...

Do not try all three at one time, or you'll never know which was the right one!

Don't give up...


BTW. there are some more references to "disconnect" in the HKEY_USERS part of the registry, you will find them by pressing Ctrl-F and search for disconnect, although I think this doesn't apply.
Don't change disconnect settings for your hardware DEV's!!!
brettxAuthor Commented:
Well Henrie,

After trying a couple of your options, I then spent a considerable time reinstalling windows  :)
 as I completely stuffed it up (I lost my backup .dat files)

I have not been active for a 30 min period yet to see how the new install works    but it may have done the trick

The points are yours

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