components from DLL to a main Form HELP!!!

I have a problem that I could not resolve, grateful that will help me to solve it, Exists a form in my application that it is the main menu, and other forms of capture of datas that are in a DLL.
The problem is that the components of the form that exist them in the DLL want to put in a panel of the main menu form in order to don't have two activated forms.
There is attempt passing the main menu form or the Panel like parameter and change the parent propierity of the components, but it don't introduce me the components, although if it change of the form that meets in the DLL.

Like you could I make in order to solve the problem? and if you can sendme a examples of how to work with DLL's

Charlie VAsked:
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In the dll, call a function called CreatePanel(Sender : TObject) where Sender would be Application.MainForm
Then in the procedure do something like this...

Procedure CreatePanel(Sender : TOBject);
Panel_One : TPanel;
PAnel_One := Tanel.Create(Sender);

That should make the panel belong to the mainform because you are creating it dynamically and making the parent MAINFORM.  If you already have a form created, for example FORM1, in the dll, it's probably of type TFORM.  Just setup another one in that DLL of type TForm, for example Form2 and create it dynamically and assign the parent to MainForm.

This sound like something that you could do.


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Charlie VAuthor Commented:
I been tyi to apply the example you but to the compile send me an error and is because TPanel accepts a parameter of TComponent type and not of TObject type.
Change the type of parameter and pass the compile process, but don't introduce the panel that believes in the DLL in the MainForm.

The one which I try to make is that a group of components that they meet in a DLL, all these assembled in a Panel are called from the MainForm (EXE) and they are viewed, I generate a class with all the components that I need in the DLL and I apply the example that you sent, apparently generate all the components but don't introduce it in the MainForm

here this the one which I made:

this in the DLL File

   TCalendar = class(TObject)
    Panel1 : TPanel;
    KSCalendar1: TKSCalendar;
    KSControlBar1: TKSControlBar;
    constructor Create(AOwner: TObject);
    destructor Destroy; override;

  panCalendar : TCalendar;

procedure LoadCalendar(Sender: TObject); export;


procedure LoadCalendario(Sender: TObject);
  Panel_One : TPanel;
  panCalendar := TCalendar.Create(Sender);

constructor TCalendar.create(AOwner: TObject);
   inherited Create;
   panel1 := TPanel(AOwner);
   KSCalendar1:= TKSCalendar.Create(Panel1);
   KSControlBar1:= TKSControlBar.Create(Panel1);

destructor TCalendar.Destroy;
   inherited Destroy;

and this in de EXE File

procedure LoadCalendar(AOwner: TComponent);

  TForm1 = class(TForm)
    procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

  Form1: TForm1;


uses uniCalendasinforma;

{$R *.DFM}

procedure LoadCalendar; external 'caldll' index 1;

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);


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