ICON - Change minimized icon on the fly.. Delphi 1

How do I change the icon that shows when an app is minimized?  I want the app to change its own icon while it is running (minimized) whenever an event occurs.  The Application.Icon property sure looks like the obviuos, but it only seems to work if the app has never been minimized.  If the app has ever been minimized, it has no effect thereafter.

For example, want I want to do is show when mail has arrived by changing the app's minimized icon.
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Try the following code for animating an icon:

Create a timer control on the form.

place the following code in the timer event:

procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
if x = 0 then application.icon.loadfromfile('c:\transfer\shipping.ico')
  else application.icon.loadfromfile('c:\transfer\skyline.ico');
x := not x;

Don't forget to declare x : integer in the global var section.

There are more elegant ways to do this, but this should get you going - Add a comment if you need more help or if you want to do more frames.

icampbe1Author Commented:
Hi Richard,

That's how I started.  Have you tried it?   Here's whats funny....

After the app has been minimized (at least once) then the icon never changes again..

Try it and let me know..

Thanks,   Ian C.

icampbe1Author Commented:
Hi again Richard,

I'm gonna reject the answer for the moment.  Read my previous comment.  I need a solution so I have to unlock the question and hope someone can help in my hour of need :)

Thanks,    Ian C.

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Post your e-mail address, and I will send you an example application that demonstrates how to do this in both Win95 & win3.1 (The techniques are different).


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icampbe1Author Commented:
OK, I would really like to see what you have.. I'm going nuts here with this one.  For this problem, E-mail me at this address.

 icampbe1@rci.rogers.com    (sic)   {thats a 1(one), not l(ell)}
Is that for 3.1?

I don't seem to be able to duplicate your problem! Mine works fine.

Any comments sleach?
icampbe1Author Commented:
It's a 16 bit app and it must run on both Win95 and Win3.1 workstations.  On a 3.1 workstation, it almost works but you have to invalidate the screen icon by covering it up and then uncovering it to see the new icon.  I want the icon that represents the minimized application to change.  If you think you got something, I would sure like to see it!

Thanks again,
Ian C.

I sent you the example last night.  Did it do the trick?
icampbe1Author Commented:
I really appreciate your quick response.  The answer is yes and no.  It worked like a champ on a 16 bit (Win3.1) workstation.  It didn't work on the Win95 workstation.  Same problem... once an app has been minimized, its minimized icon never changes again.  You can see the icon changing in the Alt+Tab sequence etc..  but not in the minimized icon.  I'm gonna give you a 'C' for your effort but I still need a Win95 solution.

Ian C.

You might want to try it on another Win95 machine.  I run Win95, and tested the demo app for the problem you describe, and it works fine while switching back and fourth between minimized and maximized states.  I switched about 8 times just to make sure.  Hope you find the problem soon.  
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