Access Violations when closing

In two of my Applications (totally seperate apps, different data,
everything) when you hit the close button and application error occurs.


Access violation at 0x4be41a49 read address 0x388b5708
83 3a 00 74 63 e8 39 10 00 00 64 88

This errors occurs in Delphi and at Runtime. The Delphi Find Error does not
find the code like that causes this problem (so possibly it is occuring in
the VCL).

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Are you using your own components?
Do you create any objects?
If so you must free them before closing (in the OnDestroy handler)

Give me some more detail and I'll help more.


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of course.
Silly me.
Everything I create I am Destroying (or Free ing, I've tried both).  

One strange thing I have noticed, on a 486 or a slow Pentium the problem does not occur!

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gdjAuthor Commented:
 Does the error occur on the same line of code every time? If so why not paste it and the surrounding lines up and it may shed some more light.

The error occurs after all of my code has all been processed.
gdjAuthor Commented:
If you have written some thing like:
mainform.destroy or than this might be the problem.
Generally, instead, you should call mainform.Release.
Thanks - but what did I say?
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