Windows Explorer internal error--page faults

When boot up (and frequently at other times), I often get this error message: "There was an internal error and one of the windows you were using has been closed down. Save your work, close all programs, and restart computer."
   Also get: "Explorer caused an invalid page fault at module  KERN32.dll @ 014f:bff71a66 "
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How about a little more info on your system;
Meantime lets start with a basic trouble shooting guide.
These are Basic Win95 trouble shooting guide, the steps are merely
a guide for common computer problems and how you can detect the
problem and fix it, some might not apply to your situation.

1)Run Scandisk(standard), run defrag(see Defrag tip).

2)Now don't say I have Antivirus and I don't have a virus
It will give you one thing out to worry about being the problem.

Run antivirus from DOS not from windows, that's what I always do,
Thunderbyte, Norton, F-Prot, Mcafee, Dr Solomon
Search for ANTIVIRUS  in the search engine, download the Norton antivirus
And search for    in the search for F-Prot antivirus.
Thunderbyte and Norton are downloadable from my site.

To run antivirus from DOS, download the .zip file and expand it with Winzip or any unzipping software then extract the self extracting file
in a temp folder, copy extracted files to a NEW floppy(out of the box), write protect the floppy by sliding the tab upwards, exit from windows to MSDOS or start computer
in DOS, type A: then type
Scan c:/ all      if you are using Symantec(Norton)
Type F-prot to run F-Prot.
Type tbav to run  thunderbyte.
If virus is found, check all your floppies for viruses, check other
computers that you exchange data or programs with.

Note: Window antivirus might not be able to kill the virus.
The best detecting antivirus is Thunderbyte but as a shareware will not kill viruses, Symantec not as good in detecting but the shareware version does kill viruses.
Windows antivirus merely is good to check files for viruses before copying or installing to your machine.
3)Go to Control Panel\System icon\Device manager tab, see if any marked red or yellow,
remove the marked ones and restart computer, let Win95 re-detect the hardware.

4)Try remember when those errors started, if you think its something you did or installed.

5)Be sure you have over 100mb free hardisk space, if free space is small defrag daily, normally I leave about 350mb free hardisk space, recommend 250mb and up, the more hard disk space the better it runs.

6)Check your C:\Windows\Temp be sure its empty, so is the recycle Ben
specially before you do defrag.

7)Be sure you haven't selected mouse maximum travel speed, in Control panel\Mouse.

8)Uninstall your video driver and restart computer and reinstall it, try lower resolution or different driver if applicable.

9) Don't use any 16bit(win3x) hardware software such as mouse, soundcard, etc, I don’t even run any 16 bit software all together in Win95, using 16bit software degrades Win95 considerably.

10)For testing purposes, rename your autoexec.bat and config.sys.

11)Remove all from the startup folder c:\windows\start menu\programs\startup,
also remove all after Load= and Run= from the Win.ini.
start computer & click ctrl+alt+del and see what’s running other than the Explorer, end task all except the explorer and see if the problem still there.
 also in the registry, remove all except Systray if present.

12)Go To Control Panel\System Icon\Performance tab, be sure it says
"Your System is configured for optimal performance" also says "File System and Virtual memory are 32bit", if you don't that means you missed item2 and item10 in this text.

13)If non helped, reinstall win95 from the command prompt using
setup /p f    command, that will clean your system files and replace missing and damaged files.

14) Windows 95 Service pack could create errors,
avoid installing it, but you can install parts of it,
such as OLEUPD.EXE,  Kernel32upd.exe,  Exchange update.
Also Power toys maybe convenient but its not healthy for Win95 to have it.

15)Remove screen savers, Wallpaper, Sound themes entering and exitind

16)Open start\programs\MS_DOS Prompt and type mem /c/p, if you have over
575 kb of Conventional memory then you are OK, best to be over 600kb.

17)Go to Control Panel\ System Icon, in the first tab be sure your RAM
is recognized.

smee-buddy, you should write a book ;-)
cma1Author Commented:
First thanks to SMEE. I am still trying to evaluate the answer to see if it helps. My system is a 33MHz PC with 16MB of RAM, running a lot of DOS programs in addition to WIN95 programs.
   I am working my way through SMEE's list and am up to no. 3.
   Couldn't find his site to download the antivirus programs. It is unclear which version of the antivirus programs one should get, DOS or WIN95? Also, should they be run from WIN95' DOS 7.0 or from DOS 6.22?
   Some preliminary answers.
4) Problems started about 5/1/97; don't know what caused it.
 5) I have over 100MB free hardisk space.
  8) Uninstalling video or mouse  driver not practical because they never caused problem since I first installed WIN95 in 11/96.
 9) Using many DOS programs from the beginning never caused these page faults, though may have slowed system, which does not bother me.
 13) Reinstalling WIN95, won't that mean I lose all the many WIN95 settings?
   I will continue to work through the list, but was hoping for specific attack on the Windows Explorer problem and the conflict with the kern32.dll file, i.e., is the registry corrupted somewhere?              C.M.A.
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OK, I know it was long.
1st, Running "setup /p f".
The /p allow you to use other switches, in this case f.
Example: setup /p f
f - This switch enables Clean Registry mode. It forces Detection to
clean the root branch of the registry before starting. This switch
is ignored when Setup is run in the Windows 95 graphical user
interface (GUI).
The default is disabled.
I'm studying your reply, "I'll be Back".

"Also get: "Explorer caused an invalid page fault at module KERN32.dll @ 014f:bff71a66 "
  Does this mean after you are are in window, rather than at bootup?
  The anti-virus stuff I said, well, that is just to make sure that people take viruses seriously.
  To see the Windows 95 Setup Switches, see:
 When you say, "conflict with the kern32.dll file", do you mean "kernel32.dl"?
  Mouses can cause startup boot problems. I don't know what kind of mouse you have.

Are you using an Acecad Mouse Pad tablet with older drivers? If so, disable these

1.Restart your computer in Safe mode. To do so, restart your computer, press the F8 key when you
see the "Starting Windows 95" message, and then choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only from
the Startup menu.
2.Type the following line to change to the Windows folder, and then press ENTER cd where is the
path to the Windows folder.
3.Type the following line and then press ENTER: edit system.ini
4.Disable the following line in the [386Enh] section of the file by placing a semicolon (;) at the
beginning of the line: mouse=vsermd.386
5.Save and then close the System.ini file.
6.Restart your computer. Windows 95 will start normally without a mouse.
To resolve this problem, contact Acecad to inquire about obtaining updated drivers for Windows 95.
Are the StaticVxD values in the registry incorrect?

WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall
Windows 95. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor
can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. For information about how to edit the registry, view
the Changing Keys And Values online Help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe). Note that you should
make a backup copy of the registry files (System.dat and User.dat) before you edit the registry. If a specific
device driver is not named in the error message, one of the StaticVxD values in the registry is probably
blank or contains only spaces. The StaticVxD values are located in the registry keys below the following
key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD Use Registry Editor to locate and
delete any StaticVxD value in the registry that contains invalid data, is blank, or contains only spaces.
A Windows virtual device driver (VxD) referenced in the System.ini file
or registry is missing or damaged.
One of the StaticVxD values in the registry contains invalid data. For
example, the value is blank or contains only spaces. In this case, the
missing device driver is not named in the error message.


To resolve this problem, follow each step below until the error no longer

1.If you have recently removed a program or component, reinstall the
program or component, then run the uninstall tool if one is available. If
no uninstall tool is available for the program or component, contact the
manufacturer to obtain instructions on uninstalling.

2.If the missing device driver has a .386 extension, disable the line
referring to this device driver in the System.ini file by placing a
semicolon (;) at the beginning of the line. For example, if the line
referencing the missing device driver reads


change the line to read


3.If the missing device driver has a .vxd extension, it is a driver designed
for use with Windows 95 and is referenced in the registry. In most
cases, a program or component with drivers designed for use with
Windows 95 will also be listed in the Add/Remove Programs tool in
Control Panel. Following the instructions in step 1 should correct the
If the error occurs after following the instructions in step 1, you need to
locate the value that references the missing device driver in the
registry, and delete that registry value.
Finally for now go to: and download, " "
After installing, go to or boot to dos prompt;
C:\Mcafee\Viruscan directory and type SCAN C: /ALL. This will check every file on your system.

Update your Kernel32.dll,
download KRNLUPD.EXE

Sorry I did'nt answer sooner. I forgot to check mark the notify me update option.
lemme know what I've missed.

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cma1Author Commented:
Answer is worth full 90 points. Smeedbud went the extra mile. I will be working on the registry because I think that's where the problem is.  CMA
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