Win3.x ppp dialin to linux

I am trying ot setup a Linux dialin server.  I have properly configured the ports, pppd, usernames, shadow passwords, etc..Windows 95 can login and get to network just fine.  However, when win3.x users (every dialin software package)dial in, Linux acepts the password just fine, then disconnects (NO CARRIER).  My pppd log file (/var/log/daemon) looks like this for a win3.x user in trumpet:

May 30 19:04:31 ns pppd[2239]: pppd 2.2.0 started by root, uid 0
May 30 19:04:31 ns pppd[2239]: Using interface ppp9
May 30 19:04:31 ns pppd[2239]: Connect: ppp9 <--> /dev/ttyQ1a5
May 30 19:04:34 ns pppd[2239]: user ppptest logged in
May 30 19:04:34 ns pppd[2239]: local  IP address
May 30 19:04:34 ns pppd[2239]: remote IP address
May 30 19:04:34 ns pppd[2239]: found interface eth0 for proxy arp
May 30 19:42:46 ns pppd[2239]: Hangup (SIGHUP)
May 30 19:42:46 ns pppd[2239]: Modem hangup
May 30 19:42:46 ns pppd[2239]: Connection terminated.
May 30 19:42:46 ns pppd[2239]: Exit.

I have mgetty 1.0.0 running on an Equinox serial card (3.30), pppd 2.2.0f, kernel 2.0.30, Dual pentium, 98 MB RAM..  Where have I strayed?

pppd is invoked from mgetty.  In my inittab, I have the following entries:

# Run mgetty on Equinox ports
s0:2345:respawn:/usr/sbin/mgetty -x -D2 ttyQ1a1

And in login.config (for mgetty):
AutoPPP - - /sbin/pppd lock modem crtscts proxyarp

And for options (for pppd):
-detach dns-addr

And for options.ttyQ??? (for pppd, 1 for each port):

It works fine for Windows 95, but hangs up on Win3.x users.
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>19:04:34 ns pppd[2239]: found interface eth0 for proxy arp
>19:42:46 ns pppd[2239]: Hangup (SIGHUP)

Looks like you do not have troubles - usual connect messages followed by SIGHUP after 40 minutes.

How are you initiating pppd - is it a script that they have to start  remotely or have you automated it to start as soon as they log in?
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For your win 3.11 clients set up an awk script to assign ip addresses and then use scripting on the clients end to initiate ppp. Eg - if they are using shiva or trumpet diallers you can enable a script such as -
proc main
delay 1
transmit $USERID
transmit "^M"
delay 1
transmit $PASSWORD
transmit "^M"
delay 1
transmit "xxx"
transmit "^M"
delay 1

where xxx=the name of an executable script on your server to initiate pppd in all its glory and with all its options.

If you need the awk scripting to enable this I would be happy to provide it via e-mail. Mail me at if you need this.

I am currently running a setup similar to yours and it works fine with this method,


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