motherboard whatzit

I need to know about a 486 motherboard, 30 pin memory slots,
6 old style expansion slots, about a million jumpers. No
manufacturer name, but a part number (FX-3000D). I need to
know either the manufacturer, or the various jumper settings.
Dean PetersonAsked:
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Give specifics on BIOS type, Chipset manufacturer, and any other ID numbers on the board.  Also, is it ISA only, or VESA (extra slot extensions on some of the 16 bit slots)?

I cannot find reference to the part number FX-3000D.
Are you sure that it is FX and not EX ?
The Everex 3000D comes very close to fitting your description.
Unfortunatley, as you might expect from the '3' in the name, it was ax x386 motherboard.
Check out
for some pictures, specifically
and see if it is there.
Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
       I checked out the Everex page, not my board. Most definitely
a FX-3000D, so a FX, not an EX. The cpu is front left, the co-proc
just to the right of the cpu.
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Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
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Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to add...AMI BIOS and ISA slots only.
Please look for ID's on the large chips, like numbers and brand.
Let us know and maybe we can help...

Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 220
Need more info for positive identification.  FCC number, chipset brand, other part numbers/model numbers, etc. Is there any on board I/O or other distingusting characteristics?  I can find no reference to the FX3000D number that you mentioned. There is a good chance of identifing the board with a little more info.

Take a look at:

If your going to find info on the net for your MB it will be thre.

Page through the MB lists and check out all the ones that are close matches to yours.
Tricky with so little to go on, but try Elite Group

It sounds like one of theirs.

Good Luck ... Dean
Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
Here is the numbers off a few of the larger chips:
2 Big UMC Chips:
       #1:  UM82C481BF
       #2:  UM82c482AF
2 AMI Chip:
       #1:  (c) 1988 AMI-1131
            S/No. E-93164287
       #2:  1985-90 American Megatrends
            (c) 77 P8042AHP

Not in the Microhouse Hardware libary, good luck.

Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
One last thing, folks. Found three apparently factory stickers on the end ISA slot. The first says US3486, and #321BKZF12979. The second says Warranty Void if removed, and then number SC A162715. The last has only a number, KK02600425. Finally, it is apparently a dual board for 386 or 486, if I'm looking at it correctly.
Is there any way you can power the board up ?

If you can then on the get the BIOS RELEASE number from the top left hand side of the screen, and the number from the bottom left, eg, DINT-1123-04990-K8.

This should allow a positive ID.

Possible ID on a US3486 motherboard. It is references the US3486 part number.  It is a 386/486 hybrid/AMI bios/30 pin simms, but has 8 slots. 1 8bit, 5 16bit, and 2 Vesa slots.

Please confirm the slot configuration.

Dean PetersonAuthor Commented:
Definitely six 16 bit slots. On power up it returned a motherboard ID code of 1131, which is Elite, according to the AMI home page, assuming I'm reading it correctly. Deanf had suggested Elite early on, but there is nothing on their web page but their current boards. I have an e-mail to them pending, might have to call them. Whatever, it still leaves me in need of the jumper settings. Thanks to all so far.
I have a FX-3000 Rev 1.0 motherboard complete with manual and everything. It fits your description almost perfectly, everything except for the D. Unlike most motherboards, the jumpers aren't labeled J1, J2... but W1, W2... instead. I have a socket (non-ZIF) for a 486, but there is no socket mounted for the 386, although the holes are there. What would you like to know?
Found it!  I have complete set of jumper instructions and diagram on this board.  Send email address and I will email the documents to you.

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