Viewing Results from Function

I have a function that gets the current record# from a Paradox table, but I can't figure out how to 'kick the function off'.  I use this code to asssign the Function's result to a label;

label12.caption := 'Record ' + inttostr(result) + ' of ' + inttostr(table1.recordcount);

;but the function never starts, thus the result is always zero.

The function code is below. How do I get the result?
 Function RecordNumber(Dataset: TDataset): Longint;
    CursorProps: CurProps;
    RecordProps: RECProps;

  { Return 0 if dataset is not Paradox or dBASE }
    Result := 0;

    with Dataset do begin
      { Is the dataset active? }
      if State = dsInactive then

      Check(DbiGetCursorProps(Handle, CursorProps));

      { Fill RecordProps with the current record's properties }
      Check(DbiGetRecord(Handle, dbiNOLOCK, nil, @RecordProps));

      { What kind of dataset are we looking at? }
      case CursorProps.iSeqNums of
        0: Result := RecordProps.iPhyRecNum;  { dBASE   }
        1: Result := RecordProps.iSeqNum;     { Paradox }
      end; { case }
    end; { with }
  end; { function }
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It's simple, you call the result wich is only for the current procedure, do this instead :
label12.caption := 'Record ' + inttostr(RecordNumber(You must write a parameter her!)) + ' of ' + inttostr(table1.recordcount);

Hope it helps you :)
Just ask if you dosn't understand



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d4jaj1Author Commented:
Hate to sound stupid but I'm very new to Delphi.   What parameter are you talking about?  If I put 'Result' there I get an error - "Incompatable types - TDataSet & Integer".  Please Help.
You must send a TDataSet parameter, result is a integer as you see by the error message. Which controlles are you using?

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d4jaj1Author Commented:
Now I feel even worse, cause I don't know what you mean by controls.  I hope you mean either what components I'm using or what's in my USES section.  I'm using a Datasource, Table, and db{edit, Combo, Radio group).  My USES section is below.  Thanks you your quick response.


  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,
  Menus, Lines, StdCtrls, ExtCtrls, DB, DBTables, PxConst2, PxEd2, PxDBEd2,
  DBCtrls, Grids, DBGrids, PxValRt2, ComCtrls, Buttons, Mask, fxLoc, dbiprocs,
  dbitypes, dbierrs;
Sorry, I ment component :)
This shuld be the string :

label12.caption := 'Record ' + inttostr(RecordNumber([name of your Datasourcecomponent].dataset)) + ' of ' + inttostr(table1.recordcount);

Hope this should works :)

d4jaj1Author Commented:
Nope, Still doesn't work.  I get the error - "Ordnial Type Required".  DSRecipe is my DataSource for the Recipe Table.  Below is the code.  Do you know what this error means?

label12.caption := 'Record ' + inttostr(RecordNumber([DSRecipe].dataset)) + ' of ' + inttostr(tblRecipe.recordcount);
Have you tried DSRecipe.dataset instead of [DSRecipe].dataset? If not try it :) If it dosn't works I will try to see in the help file :)

Now I hope it should works :)

d4jaj1Author Commented:
Great job!  I added that code to my dataset onChnage event and it gives me the current and total records.  Thanks.

By the way, I just unlocked another question, called Trapping Function Keys".  The guy who initially answered it never gave me any clarification.  Please answer it if you want.  Its worth fifty points.
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