TImage Bitmap.Vertual...

If I creat a TImage that dosn't show on the form Will the Colour Palette be adjusted to the Windos Colour Palette? If not then could I get the exact colour of a pixel on its Bitmap?
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 If you are using exclusively bitmaps then I wouldn't create a whole TImage, rather make do with a TBitmap. Is there some reason why you can't do this? I feel like I need a bit more info before I dive in with an answer.

PPaulAuthor Commented:
The TBitmap Is a good sugestion and is going to be used, thanks. But I'am Trying to creat a program that changes text (ACSII) to a Graphical (Pixel) Format.  Each Pixel will use the blue 0-255 for the main characters and red 0-255 for the text type (Bold, Itilic, Underline, and Green and Blue for the Unecode.  I use to be able to do this when I had a Amega and would like to reproduce the same in Windows 95.  I've found that when showing the Bitmap on the screen and trying to get it's pixel by pexel colours it would round it to the closes colour in the window colour palette.  I figure that if I don't display the bitmap it souldn't change the colours on the bitmap.
PPaulAuthor Commented:
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PPaulAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
The TBitmap will contain the original colours...

I would still show the bitmap in a TImage tho.  What you do
is load the bitmap into a TBitmap, then copy this image to
the Timage which is visible.

If you are trying to figure out colours as the mouse passes
over pixels, reference the TBitmap, not the TImage.

This will work fine for you.

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If I remember correctly the code would look something like

   Bitmap := TBitmap.Create;
   //get pixel colour
   Colour := Bitmap.Canvas.Pixel[X, Y];

The exact syntax may be wrong...but you get a really good idea
of what to do...hopefully...feel free to ask follow-up questions.
 Yeah, thats all correct. You certainly have to get up early to maintain a thread of comments arround these parts.

PPaulAuthor Commented:
I'll give this a try and report back with the resaults.  Thanks.

PPaulAuthor Commented:

Ok. I tried what you said and still I get the colors rounded to the Windows Palette Colors not the true color of the image pixels.

To test the code you gave me I made this demo.  It has a SpinEdit, Image and 4 Labels on the form.  Am I still doing something worng!?

The Code:

procedure TForm1.SpinEdit1Change(Sender: TObject);
:= stringtocolor('$000000'+inttohex(SpinEdit1.Value,2)) ;
Label1.caption:= '$000000'+inttohex(SpinEdit1.Value,2);
Label2.caption:= inttostr(colortoRGB(Image1.Picture.bitmap.canvas.pixels[SpinEdit1.value,0]));

:= stringtocolor('$000000'+inttohex(SpinEdit1.Value,2)) ;
Label3.caption:= '$000000'+inttohex(SpinEdit1.Value,2);
Label4.caption:= inttostr(colortoRGB(BMPT.canvas.pixels[SpinEdit1.value,0]));


procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);


About your code...could you show some of the output...are you
actually comparing the values on your screen??  Because one
of the values is hex and the other dec...why not show label3
as an int too?
 It's best not to accept an answer before the question has been thoroughly resolved, that way other people can continue to add their thoughts on the subject.
  The Bitmap will contain the correct colour information, but when displayed on the screen, the canvas colours will be realised to the available pallete. You'll probably have to read the Bitmap directly.
  I can't afford 8 points to add any more comments here, good luck.

PPaulAuthor Commented:

First off Thanks StevenB for trying to help.  I will remember that in the furter about accepting the Answers after all posable solutions are given.  Sorry :(

The reason I get it to show the Hex and the Dec value is to see if it convers it back to a ACSII Code.  Label1 and Label2 is for the Image1, the write and read as ASCII Code.  Label3 and Label4 is for the Tbitmap  and again the write and read as ASCII Code.  I'll try to contact the sysop to see if the question can be reopned!  or if there a way I can give you my E-Mail.
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